Installation removal, Close-up of outside fastening system – Security Chain Co (SCC) Super Z Quikdraw Dual User Manual

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Insert the rubber/hook center rail
fastener, on the QuickDraw™ center

rail chain, through the oval ring. Pull on the
center rail fastener to remove excess slack
in the center rail chain. Hook the center rail
fastener back onto the center rail chain as
far from the oval ring as possible. Now, the
center rail chain shackles should be located
between the duals to avoid contacting the
road. After driving a short distance, check
the chain tightness. If necessary, retighten
the tensioning chain. Tighteners should
NOT be used with this product.

Connect the outside latch fastener
and secure with floating link. (Actual

lever is black, but pictured here as silver for
easier identification.

Roll 1/4 of a tire revolution onto the
chain. Connect the inside speed hook.

Flip top half of the chain over the top
of the inside tire. Make sure that

the smooth sides of the eyelets (marked
"TIRE SIDE") are against the tire.

Keep the cable chain folded and drape
it over the top of the outside tire. Both

side cables are at the front of the tire.

Park vehicle on safe, level ground.
Set emergency brake. Lay chains out

on the ground next to the tires they are
intended to cover. Fold chain in half
lengthwise. Both side cables should be in
front of you. The cable with the black lever
fastener should be on the bottom.



Drive vehicle off highway to safe level ground. Turn off the
engine and set the parking brake. Unhook the QuikDraw™
tensioning chain. Open the outside and inside fasteners. Lay
the chain on the ground and drive off of it, taking care not to
drive over tensioner hooks. Examine the chains for damage
or worn parts. Dry off and spray with an all-purpose lubricant.
Roll chains together and place back in package.

Close-up of outside fastening system


All winter traction products will wear out with extended use. They can also break due to misfit, misapplication

or misuse. If this should occur, stop immediately and remove the chain. Care should be taken when using this product on

wheels or wheel covers that protrude outward beyond the sidewall of the tire. Wheel covers should be removed to prevent possible
markings made by rubber tensioners. On vehicles with protruding alloy wheels, other traction products that do not use a rubber tensioner
(such as SCC’s Z-Chain or ladder-style cable products) should be used. If these cautions are ignored, SCC and it’s distributors are not
responsible for injury or vehicle damage.