Installation removal, Close-up of outside fastening system – Security Chain Co (SCC) Alloy Radial Chain Single User Manual

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Fasten the outside connector by
passing the long lever through one of

the chain links, folding it back in the opposite
direction and securing the “keeper” link on
the end of the lever. If care is taken to make
this connection as tight as possible, it may
not be necessary to retighten after driving.
If you find that the inside fastener also has to
be adjusted to assure a snug fit, you should
do it before fastening the outer fastener.

Connect the outside fastener at
it’s loosest setting, then pull the

cable towards you to create as much
slack as possible. Make sure that none of
the cross members are caught in the
“shoulder” area of the tire tread.

Connect the “speed hook” on the
inside of the tire (the side away from

you). As a starting point, we recom-
mend that you fasten it so that there are
no more than two “free” links. It may be
necessary to drive forward two to three
feet so that the inside connection can be
made more easily.

Drape the chain over the top of the
tire so both ends can touch the

ground and the long metal latch is on the
outside of the tire (toward you) and is
draped toward the back of the vehicle.


two half sets are made so that one fits only
on the left and one only on the right. See
Close-up below

Make sure that the smooth side of
the eyelets (marked “TIRE SIDE”) are

against the tire. If the smooth side is not
toward the tire, damage will occur.

Park vehicle on firm level ground,
away from traffic. Unroll the set and

lay each half pair on the ground next to
the tire it is intended to cover. Make sure
that there are no twists or kinks in the
cable chain.



Removal of Alloy Radial Chain can be accomplished
by reversing the installation steps. For easier dis-
mounting, it is recommended that the tire be posi-
tioned so that the fasteners are somewhere
between the 9 o’clock and the 3 o’clock positions
on the tire.

Close-up of outside fastening system


All winter traction products will wear out with extended use. They can also break due to

misfit, misapplication or misuse. If this should occur, stop immediately and remove the chain. If these

cautions are ignored, Security Chain Co., and it’s distributors are not responsible for injury or vehicle damage.







rear of vehicle



Metal latch to rear of vehicle