Apple iPhone 4S User Manual

Finger tips, Quick start guide

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Finger Tips

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to iPhone.

This Quick Start guide tells you how to set up

your iPhone and use its key features. To start,

turn on your iPhone by pressing and holding

the On/Off button for a few seconds. Then

follow the onscreen instructions to set up

your iPhone.

Button basics.

To turn off or restart iPhone, press and hold

the On/Off button for a few seconds, then drag

the slider to confirm. To turn off the screen but

still receive calls, press On/Off once. Press the

Home button at any time to return to the Home

screen. To quickly switch between recently used

apps, double-click the Home button and tap

an app icon.


Ask Siri to make a call, respond to text

messages, get directions, schedule reminders

and meetings, and much more. With the screen

on, bring iPhone up to your ear or press and

hold the Home button. If you’re using a headset,

press and hold the center button. After the

tone, speak naturally. Siri will listen and then

answer. For more examples of how it can help

you, ask Siri “What can you do?”


When you receive a notification, it appears

briefly at the top of the screen without

interrupting what you’re doing. Ignore it or

tap it to respond right away. To see a summary

of your recent notifications, swipe down from

the top of any screen. You can access a new

notification from the Lock screen by sliding

its icon to the right.


Tap the Messages icon to send an iMessage

to other iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users

running iOS 5, or to send an SMS or MMS

to other mobile phone users. Type a name

or phone number in the To field or select

someone from your contacts. Type your

message, then tap Send. To send photos

or video, tap the Camera button.

Make a call.

Tap a phone number in Contacts, Favorites,

an email, a text message, or almost anywhere

in iPhone to make a call. Or open the Phone

app and tap the Keypad button to dial

manually. To silence an incoming call, press

the On/Off button once. To send a call directly

to voicemail, press On/Off twice. To answer

a call while using the iPhone headset, press

the center button once. Press it again to end

your call.


Select someone from your contacts and tap

the FaceTime button to start a video call with

another iPhone user or an iPad, iPod touch, or

Mac user. Or while you’re on a voice call, tap

FaceTime to begin a video call. During a video

call, tap the Camera button to switch to the

rear camera and share your surroundings.

Requires a FaceTime-enabled device for both caller and recipient.

Intelligent keyboard.

iPhone automatically corrects and suggests

words as you type. So if you tap a wrong letter,

just keep typing. To accept the suggested word,

tap the space bar. Or tap the “x” to ignore the

suggestion. The keyboard automatically inserts

apostrophes in contractions. If you tap the space

bar twice, it adds a period. You can double-tap

a word to look it up in the dictionary. To dictate

rather than type, tap the Microphone button.

Cut, copy, and paste.

Tap the text you want to edit, or touch and

hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then

slide your finger to move the insertion point.

You can select a word by double-tapping it,

and select more or less text by dragging the

grab points. Then tap to cut, copy, or paste.

To copy text from web pages, email, or text

messages, touch and hold to select the text,

then tap Copy.