Rvf1216st – Ruvati RVF1216ST User Manual

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Figure 8

Figure 9

9. Then screw the remaining female

ends of the supply hoses to the

corresponding hot and cold water

supply valves using an adjustable

wrench or pliers (Figure 7).

10. Place Rubber Gasket B into the

end of the pull down spray hose

extending from the top end of the

faucet. Then once the gasket is in

place, screw the faucet head into

the end of the spray hose until tight

(Figure 8).

11. Turn water supply back on (Fig-

ure 9). Test the flexible spray hose

by turning faucet on and off. Make

sure there is good water flow and no

leaks. If there is a leak, turn the water

supply off and contact Ruvati.