Det-Tronics X3301 Multispectrum IR Flame Detector with Automotive User Manual


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This addendum describes the operational benefits
offered by the Model X3301 Protect•IR multi-
spectrum flame detector with automotive mode dual
stage output for body paint line applications.

The current requirement in fire/loss prevention for
automotive paint lines is to use independent alarm
action to initiate a two-stage extinguishing process.
In the first of these extinguishing processes, the
painting operation is shut down. Sometimes, this
action is combined with gaseous suppression agent.
If this first action does not successfully extinguish the
fire, a second stage of suppression, typically water
deluge, is initiated. The aim of this approach is to
minimize process interruption in case of an accidental
fire. If the first stage extinguishes the fire, use of
water deluge is eliminated, minimizing downtime and
loss. If the first stage of action fails to extinguish the
fire, the second stage of action (water deluge)
prevents catastrophic loss.

The X3301 automotive mode meets these
requirements by providing two independent outputs
to activate these two stages of mitigation. Both
outputs have identical sensitivity extending from the
medium sensitivity* performance of the non-
automotive X3301. Unique to the automotive mode is
high-speed reaction to fires greater than 6” x 6” at
ranges less than 20 feet. Typical response time of the
first (auxiliary) output is less than 0.5 second to the
listed hazards. If the fire is not extinguished by the
first extinguishing action, a second (fire) output is
activated. Typical response time of this second
output is less than 8 seconds**. The Eagle Quantum
Premier system provides for customization of the
timing sequence. Please consult the factory before
adjusting timers from the default values.

If the first stage output succeeds in extinguishing the
fire, the second stage output does not activate, thus
preventing needless loss due to unwarranted
activation of the second (deluge) extinguishing
action. This important feature helps minimize the
losses associated with the consequences of
extinguishing an accidental fire.

Performing a manual or magnetic

oi test will

simultaneously change the state of the fire alarm and
auxiliary relays. Refer to the “Optical Integrity”
section of instruction manual number 95-8527.

Reliable, high performance fire detection without
nuisance alarms or premature deluge activation is a
requirement of today’s automotive paint line fire
detection systems. The X3301 Protect•IR delivers a
new level of detection/protection for this application.

Automatic fire alarm signaling performance verified
per FM 3260 (2000). Refer to page 2 for test result


X3301 Protect•IR

Multispectrum IR Flame Detector

with Automotive Mode Dual Stage Output







Detector Electronics Corporation 2006







Very high sensitivity not currently FM verified.


One device per circuit is required for relay output model
per NFPA 72.