GAM TSPS-20 User Manual

Tsps-20 dual power supply

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GAM Product #TSPS-20

Rosco Product # 205 7142 00050



• The GAM Power Dual Power Supply has a 60 watt

capacity so that it can comfortably handle two units

such as two indexing TwinSpin™ or the 6-Gobo

Trays (for each one).

• The GAM Dual Power Supply will work on either

120 or 230 volts 50 or 60 Hz, simply plug it

in and it automatically selects its operating mode

when you plug it into an AC outlet.

• There is one removable AC power cord supplied

with each unit. Wired to the power supply are two

XLR connectors one for DMX input control and one

for power distribution. The 5-pin male connector

is for DMX signal. The four pin female connector

is power and control distribution to your unit.

• Connect your DMX signal (from your control console)

to the 5-pin connector.

• Plug the 4-pin XLR connector into your unit (6-Gobo

Tray or Indexing Rotator). You can then loop to one

more unit using a 4 wire extension cable with male

and female 4-pin XLR connectors.

• Plug the AC power supplied with the GAM Dual

Power Supply into a 120 or 230 volt - 50 or

60 Hz outlet.

4-pin XLR

Power and Control to Unit

5-pin XLR

DMX from Console

To AC Power

AC Connection

AC Power Cord

4-pin XLR connector

5-pin XLR connector