Intelix HD-4X1 User Manual

Hd-4x1 installation guide, Installation instructions, Operation instructions

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HD-4X1 Installation Guide

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HD-4X1 Installation Guide

The Intelix HD-4X1 is a four input, one output HDMI

switcher. The HD-4X1 supports 3D, 1080p and PC

resolutions up to 1920x1200. It also supports 7.1 channel

audio, including Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD, and audio

return channel (ARC).



Possible Solutions

No signal

Verify HDMI cables and source and destination
HDMI ports are operational.

Video appears with no

If using the ARC/SPDIF output, verify the Audio
Return option is set accordingly. See Operation
Instructions for more information.

If using destination device’s built-in speakers,
make sure destination device can decode the
audio format.

Installation Instructions

1. Power off the sources and destination device.

2. Connect sources to the HDMI inputs on the

HD-4X1. Connect destination device to the
HDMI output on the HD-4X1.

3. If the HD-4X1 is going to be connected to an

audio distribution system, connect a high
quality RCA cable to the ARC/SPDIF output.

4. If the HD-4X1 will be controlled by a third-

party control system, connect a DE9 cable to
the RS232 port.

5. Connect the included power supply to the

5VDC port. Connect the power supply to AC
power outlet.

6. Power on the HD-4X1.

7. Power on destination device and sources.

Important notice:

Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the switcher housing.
There are no user-serviceable parts inside the unit. Doing
so will void your warranty.

To minimize the possibility of equipment damage from
electrostatic discharge (ESD), all source and destination
equipment must be powered off during installation.

Allow proper ventilation to reduce the risk of thermal

Operation Instructions

Source Selection (Front Panel)
The four inputs each have their own push button on
the front panel. Press the desired button to select
the corresponding input.

Menu Navigation (Front Panel)
Press the Menu button on the far left side of the
front panel to bring up the on screen display. Use
the up, down, left, and right push buttons to navigate
the menu and use the enter button to confirm

Source Selection and Menu Navigation (IR Remote)
All source selection and menu navigation buttons
found on the front panel can also be found on the
included infrared remote control.

Audio Return Channel & SPDIF Output
When connecting the HD-4X1 to an external audio
distribution system, the Audio Return option needs
to be set accordingly. If the connected display and
audio system supports ARC, set Audio Return to ‘on’.

If the connected display and/or audio system do not
support ARC, set Audio Return to ‘off’, and the
ARC/SPDIF output will operate as a standard coaxial
SPDIF output.