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Issued: 1-20-14

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EQ1 General Description:
The Lowell EQ1 is a single channel 30-band Constant-Q graphic equalizer with thirty 20mm center-detented
linear sliders on ISO center frequencies. The front panel controls include a rotary overall level control, a +12dB
or +6dB range selector switch, an overload clipping light, an EQ bypass switch with LED, and a power LED
indicator. The EQ1 is equipped with rear panel balanced/

unbalanced XLR and ¼” TRS phone plug inputs and

outputs. Hook-up is intuitive. Just follow the connector pin-out instructions printed on the rear of the unit.
Polarity convention is per IEC/ANSI/AES standards of pin 2 positive, pin 3 negative and pin 1 shield. The EQ1
does not invert the signal. You may use either the XLR or ¼" TRS phone connectors for input or output. Only
connect to one INPUT connector type. The XLR and ¼" TRS phone plug inputs do not sum, so you must use
one or the other.

The XLR and ¼” TRS phone output connectors are wired in parallel (with no isolation between

the two connectors) but you may use both connectors if desired to feed 2 amplifiers or other equipment.

Front Panel

Rear Panel

Optional Security Covers:
Two security covers are sold separately to prevent tampering with the EQ1 controls.
The Lowell SSC-1V vented security cover and Lowell SSC-1P Plexiglass security cover are shown below.
For rack-mount installation, 2 installer provided rack screws hold the security cover over the front of the EQ1.
For shelf-mount installation, the security cover may be attached to the EQ1 with installer provided screws and nuts.

Lowell EQ1 shown with

optional Lowell SSC-1V

vented security cover

Lowell EQ1 shown with

optional Lowell SSC-1P

plexiglass security cover

Getting Started:
Please study carefully the “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” that are given on page 2 before applying
power to your EQ1. Those experienced with the process of adjusting a graphic equalizer to tune a sound
system, will find the EQ1 easy to use thanks to the innovative constant-Q circuitry that is designed to minimize
interactions between adjacent bands. For those that have never adjusted a graphic equalizer before, a helpful
section is included in this operators manual with basic instructions for tuning a paging/background-music
system, sound reinforcement system, and a sound masking system. We strongly suggest that you protect your
settings after carefully adjusting the EQ1, by using one of the optional Lowell security covers (sold separately)
that are described below.