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Congratulations, and thank you for choosing the

MEElectronics AFS1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Information

Bluetooth is a short-distance two-way wireless communication technology

capable of transmitting data, commands, and audio between devices. The AFS1

can connect with many devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PDAs,

computers, media players, and more through a process called pairing. Before

you can use your AFS1 with your device they will need to be paired.


Turn down the volume prior to using the speaker; adjust the volume to the

desired level once it is connected. Do not use speakers at high volumes for

extended periods of time as doing so may result in permanent hearing damage.

Please visit for more info.


Safety Guide

a) Do not use your wireless speaker around flammable gases as fire or explosion

may occur.

b) Keep the device and packaging out of the reach of children.

c) There are no user replaceable/reparable parts in the headset.

Disassembling it will void your warranty.

d) Do not expose the speaker to moisture, water, or other liquids.

Package Includes

USB Charging


User Manual

AFS1 Bluetooth


user manual


How to Use

Desired Result
Turn on

Enter pairing mode


Required Action
Press for 3 seconds when the device is off

(Blue LED slowly flash and the speaker will beep).
Press and hold for 6 seconds when the device

is off (There will be two beeps to indicate paring mode

has initiated and blue and red LEDs will quickly flash

alternately while in pairing mode).
The LEDs will continue to flash alternatively when in

pairing mode. Once paired, the alternating blue and red

LEDs will be replaced by a slow, flashing blue LED.

How to Use Cont.

Desired Result


Next/Volume up

Previous/Volume down

Required Action
Make sure your device has been paired with the AFS1.

Make sure Bluetooth on your device is on. Turn on the

AFS1. The AFS1 should automatically connect with your

device. If not, you may need to select the connect option

on your device.
Press to play when the device is paused and

press to pause when the device is playing.
Short press for volume up and long press to

skip to the next track.
Short press for volume down and long press

to restart the track, or skip to the previous track.


*** You must charge the headset for at least 6 hours before the first use ***

The AFS1 charges with the included USB cable. Plug the small cylindrical

connector of the cable into the port marked “ ” and the other end of the

cable into any powered USB port. While charging, the red LED will continuously

be on; please make sure the light is on once you initially plug in the AFS1. The

light will turn blue when charging is complete.


To use your AFS1 speaker, you must first pair it with another device such as a

phone, tablet, or computer. Once your AFS1 speaker is paired, it should

automatically be recognized when the AFS1 is turned on and within range, and

Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Pairing Cont.

Please follow these steps to pair your AFS1 speaker:

- Turn the Bluetooth function on your device on, and set it to search/discovery

mode if necessary. Many phones and tablets are automatically in discovery

mode when the Bluetooth menu is opened.

- Put the AFS1 speaker into pairing mode by pressing for 6 seconds.

The red/blue LEDs will flash in an alternating manner.

- AFS1 should appear on the screen of your device. Note: your device might add

a description such as “audio device” to the name of the AFS1.

- Once you see the AFS1 on your device screen, follow the device instructions to

pair the AFS1 (usually tapping on the device screen for touch screens or

selecting the AFS1 and clicking OK).

- If you device asks for a passkey or PIN, enter 0000.

- If your device requests that you confirm the pairing, please do so.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth® Specification : 2.1+EDR

Bluetooth® Profile: A2DP AVRCP

RF Range: 10m

Driver: 50mm dynamic driver

Frequency Response: 100Hz-20KHz

Loudspeaker Output: 3W

Signal-To-Noise: 75dB

Distortion: 1.0%

Playback Time: 8 hours

Charging Time: 6 hours for the first charge, 3 to 4 hours for subsequent charges

Dimension: 80




42 mm

Weight: 120g

Maintaining your AFS1

a) Turn the device off and store the AFS1 in a cool, dry, safe place.

b) Avoid extreme temperatures (45°C/113°F and above, including direct sunlight

or -10°C/14°F below) for storage as they will shorten the service life of the


c) If the device comes in contact with liquids, quickly wipe away. If submersed in

water, do not turn the device on until completely dried.

Note: liquid submersion voids the warranty.

Product Features

Note: The LED lights are only visible from the side


3. Previous / Volume Up

1. Multi-function Key:

Turn On/ Off, Play / Pause,

Enter Pairing Mode, Phone Controls

7. Microphone

4. Charging Port

2. Next / Volume Down

Use as a Speakerphone

Desired Result


a Call

End a Call

Required Action
Press and hold for 2 seconds. You will hear a

beep when the redial begins. Note: if you hold the button

too long, the AFS1 will shut off.
When the speaker is on and connected and there is an

incoming call you will hear a tone.

- Press to answer the call

- Press for 2 seconds to reject the call
When the speaker is in use as a speakerphone, you can

end the call by pressing the button.

Use as a Speakerphone Cont.

Desired Result
Put a Call on Hold

Call Waiting

Turn Off

Low Battery Warning

Required Action
To place an active call on hold, double click the

button. To resume the call, press
When there is an active call and another call is incoming,

double clicking the button to hold the current call

and accept the incoming call
Press for 3 seconds when the device is on

(the speaker will give a descending series of beeps when

shutting down, and all LEDs will be off).
The red LED flashes
Plug the charger to “ ” port of the device. The red LED

will be on when charging and turn blue when charging is

complete. NOTE: You cannot connect or pair while charging

Make sure the speaker is connected to your phone via Bluetooth to enable call

functionality. See below for specific functionality.

Basic Operations


Please visit for troubleshooting help.







5. Lanyard Strap Hole

6. LED Light Ring

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User Manual