X-1 (H2O Audio) IE2-BK User Manual

X-1 (H2O Audio) Headphones

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About Your Headphones

H2O Audio’s patented waterproof headphone technology ensures that no matter how
many laps you swim, miles you run, or gallons you sweat, Surge Waterproof Sport
Headphones will continue to deliver high definition sound in and out of the water.

Surge Waterproof Sport Headphones feature a wide variety of earplug sizes designed to
isolate ambient noise and create a watertight seal.


• 5 pairs of blue elastomer earplugs: XS, SM, MD (Installed), LG, and XL

The insides of the blue elastomer earplugs are labeled to aid in identification. Flip them
inside out to identify sizes.

H2O Audio is always developing new earplugs to ensure the best fit for all our customers.
For more information on available earplugs styles and sizes please visit

Maintaining Your Headphones

Your H2O Audio Surge headphones are completely waterproof. After any activity involving
heavy perspiration, in-water usage, or inclement weather, you can rinse off your
headphones with clean water and let them air dry for your next use.


1. What happens if my Surge Waterproof Sport Headphones fall out of my ears
while in the water?

Surge Waterproof Sport Headphones are 100% waterproof and can be exposed or
submerged in water for an unlimited amount of time. If the headphones come out of your
ears and fall into the water, simply shake or blow off any water that remains in the earplug
to ensure the best sound experience.

Achieving the Best Fit

To get the best performance out of your Surge Waterproof Sport Headphones it helps to
take the time to ensure a proper fit. We encourage you to experiment with different
earplug sizes and angle of insertion until you find the combination that sounds and fits

Here are a few tips we’ve discovered through feedback from our customers:

Push the earplugs into your ear canals far enough to establish a secure fit but not so far
they become uncomfortable.

A tighter seal may be achieved by pulling your upper ear back while inserting the

You may find it preferable to use different size earplugs for each ear.

For optimal in water performance, the earplugs should completely seal your ear canals:

Insert earplugs before your ears get wet to achieve the best watertight seal.

Larger size earplugs may be preferable during active and/or in water use as they may offer
more contact with the ear and a tighter seal.

Additional tips for swimmers:

Wrapping the headphone cables around your swim goggle straps before placing them in
your ears can help secure a better fit.

The headphones may stay in place more easily if they are tucked underneath a swim cap.

Visit www.H2OAudio.com for support videos on how to achieve the best fit with your H2O
Audio Waterproof Headphones.

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