Glyph Two-Drive Rack Mount Kit User Manual

Assembly instructions for two-drive rack mount kit

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Assembly instructions for Two-Drive Rack Mount Kit

Parts included in rack kit:

(14)M3 x 8 phillips head screws (silver)

(4) #8-32 x 1/4 phillips head screws (black)

(2) Inner connector plates

(2) Outer rack ears

Rack ear

GT Series Tabletop

GT Series Tabletop




M3 x 8 screws

#8-32 x 1/4 screws

Instructions for assembly:

1. Attach 1 rack ear to outside of both tabletop drives using
M3 x 8 screws. Both ears are identical and can be attached
to either drive. You will need three screws per rack ear. See
illustration above.

2. Attach inner connector plates to the inside of each tabletop
drive using M3 x 8 screws. You will use three screws for the
front of each connetor plate. Both plates are identical and can
therefor be used on either drive. When connecting the plate,
make sure you have the countersunk side facing out - the screws
should bite into the tabletop chassis and be flush with surface of
connector plate when you are done. Also make sure that the rear
hole lines up with the hole in the chassis, if you choose to install
this screw. See next step and illustration above.

3. It is easy to accidentally reverse the plates as you will see with this step.
It is optional to connect the rear of the plate to the rear of each chassis. The rear
screw adds more stability to the rear of the chassis and is not neccessary,
although it may be helpful in situations where the rack is subject to vibration.
To do this, first remove the TORX screw that holds the lid to the chassis. Then
replace this TORX screw with one of the M3 x 8 screws included in the rack
kit. You will need a TORX T10 driver to remove the screw, TORX drivers
are available at most harware stores.

4. The final step is to attach the two chassis together. Place them on a flat
surface side by side. Attach the two inner connector plates together using
two #8-32 x 1/4 screws on the front, and two on the back of the chassis,
as shown in the illustration above. Again, make sure you have the
countersunk side facing out.

610023 Two-drive rack quickstart
February 2, 2010

M3 x 8

#8-32 x 1/4 screws