HCO NX80HD User Manual

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mode). Select “INT& EXT” mode to provide power to both
XtendIR-B2 power port + NX80HD IR LEDs. Push OK to SAVE.


This allows user to have the date, time, and temperature
stamped onto each photo or video. Enter Menu, highlight “Time
Stamp” and push OK. Select ON or OFF and push OK to SAVE.


This feature allows the user to set the display format of date /
time and set the current date and time. Enter Menu, highlight
“Set Date / Time” and push OK. Select one of three menu options

Date Format: Select the desired Date Format and push OK to

Time Format: Select desired Time Format and push OK to SAVE

Set Date / Time: Set using UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT arrow and
push OK to SAVE.

Push MENU button to return to menu


This feature allows the user to set a 4-digit password to deter
theft and render the camera unusable without the password.
Enter Menu, highlight “Access Control” and push OK

SET PASSWORD: Select desired password using ARROWS and
push OK to SAVE.

DISABLE PASSWORD: Select and push OK to disable password.


This camera is a precisely tuned instrument. It is recommended
to use high quality alkaline, lithium, or NiMH batteries.
Programming which batteries are present will maximize the
cameras’ potential. Enter Menu, highlight “Battery Type” and
push OK. Select ALKALINE or Ni-MH batteries and push OK to

save setting. (Note: Select ALKALINE when using Lithium


Formatting the SD card removes all files on the SD memory card
and prepares it for use in the camera. Enter Menu, highlight
“Format” and push OK. Select YES to format SD card and push OK
to proceed with formatting SD card. (It is recommended to
format the SD card before each use)


PAL and NTSC are two analog television systems that are used

around the world. The user must select the appropriate system

for their area of the world when hooking camera directly to TV

when viewing video directly from camera.

When the camera TV Out port is used, TV format (NTSC or PAL)
need to be set for the proper display. Enter Menu, highlight “TV
Out” and push OK. Choose the correct TV format and press OK to


This feature allows the user to select either Fahrenheit or Celsius
temperature settings. Enter Menu, highlight “TEMPERATURE”and
press OK.Select Fahrenheit or Celsius and press OK to SAVE.


Other than being triggered by motion movement, NX80HD can
be set to work in Time Lapse mode. There is both AM and PM
Time Lapse Modes. One or both modes can be enabled. Enter
Menu, highlight “Time Lapse” and press OK. Highlight AM or PM
Time Lapse and press OK, Highlight “Enable” and press OK.
Highlight “Start Time” and press OK to set the start time. Set the
desired start time and press OK. Highlight “End Time” and press
OK to set the end time. Set the desired end time and press OK.
Highlight “Delay Interval” and press OK to set the interval time. It
can be set from 10s-59s and 1m-60m. Set the desired interval
time and press OK.

**After Time Lapse is enabled, it is important to turn camera
directly to ON position to activate Time Lapse. Turning switch to
OFF will require an initial motion event in order to initiate the
Time Lapse Mode.**


This feature allowsthe user to reset the settings to the factory
default setting. Enter Menu, highlight “Default Set” and push OK.
Select YES to reset the settings to factory default settings.


Enter Menu, highlight “Camera Information” and push OK for the
following information: FILES COUNT, STORAGE, and FIRMWARE


Pictures and video can be removed in one of two ways:

1)SD memory card can be removed from the camera (ALWAYS
ensure camera is OFF before removing SD card) and transferred
to another computer or SD card reader.
2)Connect camera to computer using supplied USB cable.Turn
camera ON. Computer will recognize camera and prompt you to
open file or save pictures.

Package Contents:


USB cable

Video cable

Nylon mounting strap