La Cornue CornuFé Series - Gas Connection User Manual

Gas connection

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Check the appliance is electrically safe and gas sound when you have finished.





Gas Connection

Installation of this range must conform with local codes or, in

the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code,

ANSI Z223.1-latest edition.

In Canada
The range must be installed in accordance with the current

CGA Standard CAN/CGA-B149 – Installation Codes for Gas

Burning Appliances and Equipment and/or local codes.

In The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts
This product must be installed by a licensed plumber or

gas fitter when installed within the Commonwealth of

A “T” handle type manual gas valve must be installed in the

gas supply line to this appliance.

Gas Supply Requirements

Recommended gas pipe outlet locations are shown in

Fig.7-16, Fig.7-17 and Fig.7-18.

Provide Adequate Gas Supply

Prior to installation, make sure that the local distribution

conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) and the

adjustment of the appliance are compatible.
The range is designed to operate at a manifold pressure of 4’’

of water column (1 kPa) on natural gas. A conversion kit for

LP gas (Propane) is supplied with the range. When converted

to LP gas, a pressure of 10’’ of water column (2.49 kPa) is

Make sure you are supplying your range with the correct type

of gas.
If the range is to be used on LP gas, a qualified LP installer

must convert it. We recommend that the range be converted

before installation. This must be done before the range can

be used on LP gas.
For proper operation, the pressure of natural gas supplied to

the regulator must be between 4½’’ and 13’’ of water column

(1.12–3.24 kPa).
For LP gas, the pressure supplied must be between 10’’ and

13’’ of water column (2.49–3.24 kPa).
When checking for proper operation of the regulator, the

inlet pressure must be at least 1’’ (0.25 kPa) greater than the

operating (manifold) pressure as given above.
The pressure regulator located at the inlet of the range

manifold must remain in the supply line regardless of

whether natural or LP gas is being used.
A flexible metal appliance connector used to connect the

range to the gas supply line should have an I.D. of ½’’ and be

5 feet in length for ease of installation.








9 ¾”

Gas inlet

Area accessible through drawer

Side of range

Gas shut off valve