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Connect an auxiliary audio

device to the speaker through the

supplied 3.5mm audio cable.


Play and control music on the audio
device, and use


on the speaker

to adjust volume if necessary.


In AUX IN mode, you can press

to mute sound output from the speaker.

When the 3.5mm audio cable is plugged

in, the speaker switches to AUX IN mode

automatically. When it is unplugged, the

speaker switches back to Bluetooth mode.

button also functions in AUX IN mode.

The voice assistant function does

not work in AUX IN mode.
In case of abnormality, you can hold

the RESET button to reset the speaker.

Play music on your device paired

and connected with the speaker.


This speaker supports automatic

connection with a previously paired device

after power-off and power-on again.

During music play:



to adjust volume.

Press and hold


to skip to

the previous or next song.


to pause or resume music play.


to select your favorite preset

sound effect: FLAT, ROCK, POP or JAZZ.

Press and hold

for more than 3

seconds to return to FLAT at any time.


The Bluetooth indicator flashes

blue once when you select a

sound effect other than FLAT.


The Bluetooth indicator flashes blue

twice when you select FLAT.

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property of their respective owners.

Nyne Multimedia Inc.

All rights reserved.


When you make a call or there is

an incoming call, you can use the

speaker as a speaker phone.

When there is an incoming call, you
can press

to receive the call or


twice to reject the call.

During a call, you can press

to end the call.

In BT mode, you can press

twice to access

the voice assistant on your smart device. To

exit the voice assistant, press

twice again.


Music play is paused during a call and

resumed automatically when the call ends.
You can press and hold

to disconnect

the current Bluetooth connection.
If no source is detected, the

button does not function.



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