User instructions – Opticron DBA Oasis User Manual

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Adjusting for maximum sharpness. Many people have slightly different vision
between their eyes. When using binoculars, this difference can be easily
compensated for by turning the dioptre adjustment wheel. On DBA compact
models this wheel is located on the bottom of the main body.

To set the binoculars correctly, close your right eye and look through the left
eyepiece with your left eye and using the centre focus wheel - focus on an
object of your choice until it is clear and sharp. Next, close your left eye and
look through the right eyepiece with your right eye. You may find the object
being viewed is not absolutely sharp and this can be corrected by rotating the
dioptre adjustment wheel (but without turning the centre focus wheel) until
the object being viewed becomes sharp. The binoculars are now set and a
perfectly clear and sharp image should be attainable when using both eyes
together. To focus at different distances simply turn the centre focus wheel.

Rubber Eyecups are designed to position your eyes correctly to get the
maximum comfortable field of view with or without glasses and are often
unique to each individual binocular.

Using glasses. Opticron DBA binoculars provide the full field of view when
wearing glasses. To maximise field of view with glasses on, turn eyecup
assembly clockwise into the ‘down’ position - remembering to return them to
the upright position if you or anybody else wants to use them without glasses.

4 stage locking rotating retractable
eyecup assembly

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