OSD Audio SSVC4 User Manual

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Warranty & Repair

All OSD Audio speaker products have (5) year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and
workmanship. Proof of purchase must accompany all claims. During the warranty period OSD
will replace any defective part and correct any defect in workmanship without charge for either

parts or labor.

OSD Audio may replace returned speakers with a product of equal value and performance. In such

cases, some modifications to the mounting may be necessary and are not OSD’s responsibility.

For this warranty to apply, the unit must be installed and used according to its written instructions.
If necessary, repairs must be performed by OSD. The unit must be returned to OSD at the owner's
expense and with prior written permission. Accidental damage and shipping damage are not
considered defects, nor is damaged resulting from abuse or from servicing performed by an

agency or person not specifically authorized in writing by OSD.

OSD Audio sells products only through authorized dealers and distributors to ensure that custom-
ers obtain proper support and service. Any OSD product purchased from an unauthorized dealer
or other source, including retailers, mail over dealers and online sellers will not be honored or
serviced under existing OSD warranty policy. Any sale of product by an unauthorized source or

other manner not authorized by OSD shall void the warranty on the applicable product.

Damage to or destruction of components due to application of excessive power voids the warranty on
those parts. In these cases, repairs will be made on the basis of the retail value of the parts and labor. To
return for repairs, you must email customer service at [email protected] for a Returned Merchandise
Authorization (RMA) number# then the unit must be shipped to OSD at the owner's expense, along with
a note explaining the nature of service required. Be sure to pack the speaker(s) in a corrugated container

with at least 3 inches of resilient material to protect the unit from damage in transit.

This Warranty Does Not Cover:

Damage caused by abuse, accident, misuse, negligence, or improper operation (installation) • Any
products that have been altered or modified • Any product whose identifying number of decal,

serial #, etc. has been altered, defaced or removed • Normal wear and maintenance.

Call 562-697-2600 or visit www.osdaudio.com for information

Audio Power Handling:

Frequency Response:

Wiring requirement:

Speaker impedance:

Unit Dimensions:


100 Watts/Channel peak

20Hz - 20kHz

Up to 14 gauge wire

8 ohm

SSVC1/2 8½”W x 6¼”D x 2½”H

5 Years

4. Operation

- Set the volume control for the speaker pair you wish to play to maximum
(Fully clockwise)

play. Set it to the ON position.

or muddy.

on the SSVC

5. Installation

- Insert each wire into the appropriate hole on the removeable terminals.
- Strip ¼” of insulation from the end of each wire. Tightly twist the end of
each wire until no frayed ends remain. Use a small screwdriver to tighten each
wire in place.
- Insert the connector plug into the socket and lock in place by tightening
captive screws on each side of the connector (

See Figure 1). The inputs of

SSVC are the connecting terminals for the amplifers or receivers. Be sure
not reverse these connections or the SSVC will not function properly.
- Each zone gets connected to a pair of speakers. Make sure you connect
negative (-) to negative (-) and positive (+) to positive (+).

Owner’s Manual

1. Description

The SSVC1 SSVC2 & SSVC4 are switchable dual source speaker
selectors with individual volume control for up to 4 different zones.
With the switchable function, users can alternate between the two
different amplifiers or receivers in each zone. This allows users to enjoy
Source A in one room and Source B in another room.

2. Installation Consideration

The SSVC1 SSVC2 & SSVC4 are designed for use with a receiver
or amplifier with a maximum power of 180 Watts per channel at
8 ohms respectively. If you are uncertain about the power rating
of your receiver or amplifier, consult the appliance’s manufacturer.

OSD recommend using only 8 ohm speakers when using the
SSVC1 SSVC2 & SSVC4. Furthermore, OSD does not recommend
installing more than 1 pair of speakers per pair of channels. Each pair
of channels or terminal block is designed for 1 pair of speakers using
up to 14 gauge wire.

Speaker wires can act as an antenna for electrical noise. Locating
speaker wires too close to a light dimmer or switch may cause a
buzzing or popping sound to be heard through the speakers. If you must
locate the SSVC wiring near electrical devices, route the speaker wires
several inches away from

3. Operation

It is important to properly adjust an impedance-matching system to
avoid distortion or DC clipping (DC voltage will produced from an
amplifier that is overworked or that has an improper load). These can
cause the amplifier/receiver to go into protection, and can cause the
SSVC to heat up, damaging the system components. To set up the
system,the amplifier/receiver volume should be at its lowest volume
setting, and the selector volume control should be the highest setting.
Slowly adjust the amplifier/receiver volume to a level that is acceptable
for the amplifier to produce without clipping.





Amplifier/Receiver A

Dual Source 1/2/4-Zone Automatic Impedance Matching Speaker

Selector With Volume Control

Figure 1: Wiring Diagram


Amplifier/Receiver B

Speaker (Left)

Speaker (Right)

Zone 1

Input Source:

Up to 2 Amplifiers or 2 Receivers

SSVC4 16¾”W x 6¼”D x 2½”H

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