Casio DC5000 User Manual

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For further information regarding
the operation of the handset, please
refer to the Casio DC5000 user guide.

Guarantee Procedure
If you believe your Casio Phonemate product is
not functioning correctly, before returning for
repair of exchange, please undertake the follow-

Ensure you have read and understood the
instructions and are operating the product as
described in the instructions.

Read the Help and troubleshooting sections
of this guide and the DC5000 guide, following
any advice given for the problem you are

Call the Casio Phonemate helpline on the
number shown below during office hours.

Casio Phonemate Helpline

01438 749009

The helpline staff are available during office hours
and in many cases are able to help with a
solution to problems, without requiring the
product to be returned.

Guarantee Registration
To register your guarantee, please fill in the card
enclosed with the product and return to
Lazerbuilt, 20 Gunnels Wood Park, Stevenage,
Herts, SG1 2BH

In the unlikely event that your Casio Phonemate
product develops a fault within the first month of
purchase, it should be returned (along with a
copy of the purchase invoice) to your retailer who
will replace it with a new one.
If it becomes faulty within the guarantee period
but after the first month, it should be returned for
repair to Lazerbuilt at the address shown above,
either directly or via your retailer.

After the guarantee period, return your product to
Lazerbuilt, indicating the problems. Include your
Name and address and a cheque/Postal order for
£5.00 to cover the handling charge. Lazerbuilt will
then send you an invoice for the repair.


Clean the unit occasionally with a damp (not wet)
cloth. A dry cloth encourages the build-up of
static electricity.

Make sure that the charging contacts are clean
and free of grease.


If you have problems with the installation or
operation of this product, please call the helpline
during office hours on 01438 749009.

If you suspect that your charging cradle is not
working properly, please make sure that:

The power adaptor is correctly plugged into
the handset charging cradle.

Your handset is correctly located in the
charging cradle.

Your handset batteries are correctly inserted
into your handset.

This Casio DECT handset is for use with a Casio
DC5000 DECT base station (or other GAP
compatible DECT base station). It may be used to
add an additional handset to an existing installa-
tion, or to replace the handset of an existing
installation. It will not operate unless it has been
registered on to a Casio DC5000 or other GAP
compatible base station.
Before the handset can be used, the batteries must
be charged and it must be registered with the base

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