Warning, Caution, Perations – Bissell 1005E User Manual

Page 7: Getting ready continued, Before you clean, Cleaning hard floors

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Getting ready continued

2. fill the water tank by lifting straight up

and away from unit. Unscrew cap at

bottom of water tank and remove the

insert assembly.

3. fill water tank with water. for best results,

water should be at room temperature. Replace

insert assembly and cap, tighten until snug.

4. Replace water tank by lining up vertical

guides and gently sliding tank into place.

5. Twist the Quick Release cord wrap clockwise to

unwrap the power cord and plug into a proper

grounded outlet as described on page 3.

6. The ready light will illuminate when

Steam Mop is ready for use.

Before you clean

Thoroughly sweep or vacuum floor prior to

cleaning with the Steam Mop.

cleaning hard floors

Steam Mop is designed to clean hard floor

surfaces like ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate,

marble, stone and sealed hard wood floors.

Use of Steam Mop on waxed or unwaxed

floors may result in a diminished glossiness.

Steam Mop is not for use on unsealed wood

floors. Ensure Steam Mop is thoroughly tested

in an inconspicuous area prior to mopping a

large floor area. Also, be sure to check the care

instructions from your flooring manufacturer.
1. Begin cleaning by slowly passing over

the surface while pressing the steam on

demand trigger to emit steam as needed.

nOTe: The trigger does not need to

be depressed at all times for steam

Mop to work satisfactorly.

2. To sanitise an area of your floor, (attack

invisible germs and bacteria) put the center

of Steam Mop over the spot for a minimum

of 15 seconds using continuous steam,

but no longer than 20 seconds. for larger

areas, overlap swivel head placement.





Never put descaling, aromatic,

alcoholic, or detergent products

into the steam cleaner, as this

may damage it or make it

unsafe for use.


Exercise extreme care when

using the Steam Mop on timber

flooring. Ensure the Steam mop

is thoroughly tested in an incon-

spicuous area prior to mopping

a large floor area. The Steam

Mop generates hot steam, so

when depressing the trigger to

apply steam, ensure the Steam

Mop is moving continuously.

The trigger does not need to

be depressed at all times.

Prolonged application of steam

in one area increases the risk

of damage to the surface treat-

ment on timber floors. Check

with your timber floor treatment

application specialist prior to

Steam Mop operation. Regular

foot traffic and direct sunlight

will wear down timber floor sur-

face treatment making it more

susceptible to extreme care

when using the Steam Mop on

timber flooring.