LaserMax LMS-XDMS User Manual

Guide rod laser, User guide for springfield xdm 4.5, Springfield xd 3

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Installing your LaserMax Guide Rod Laser

CAUTION: The laser may turn on when installed properly in the slide. Always make sure

the sight is pointed in a safe direction. To avoid improper laser seating, put the slide

upside down on a flat surface when installing your Guide Rod Laser. Remove the factory

guide rod and store for future use.

XDM 4.5”

Insert recoil spring provided into circular opening in the front of the slide.

Next, insert the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser into the opposite end of the spring

with engraved text facing up away from barrel.

Applying forward pressure to compress spring, seat round side of battery cap

marked with ‘barrel’ (arrows point toward barrel) in the crescent notch of barrel lug.

The flat cap top should be centered and parallel with flat top of the lug (figure 3).

XD 3”

Firmly grasp the assembled sight by the battery cap and insert the assembly into

the slide while pushing forward and down. The battery contact on the battery cap

is slightly off–center. The square side of the battery cap closest to the contact

should be away from the barrel (figure 4). Seat the Guide Rod Laser all the way

down on the barrel, as you would the factory guide rod.

XDM 4.5”/ XD 3”

With the magazine still removed, reassemble the slide to the frame by

pulling the slide to the rear. Rotate the takedown lever to return it to the horizontal

position and release the slide stop lever.

Cycle the action. The slide lock should return to the top of the slide lock notch.

If resistance is felt during assembly, do not force. Remove the slide and make sure

that the laser assembly is positioned as required, then attempt assembly again.

Cycle the slide fully several times allowing the slide to go forward under

full pressure of the recoil spring to make sure that the sight is seated in the frame.

Compare your laser sight to your iron sights to insure proper installation.

That’s it! Now test your new LaserMax Guide Rod Laser.


XDM 4.5”

Rotate the teardrop shaped switch 90° clockwise on the takedown lever located on the left

side of the firearm to turn laser on. Notice: The red dot on the switch indicates the laser

is on.

Note: the laser sight should be projecting a pulsating red beam that closely matches the

Point of Aim (POA) of the factory open sights.

Rotate the teardrop shaped switch 90° counterclockwise,

back to the orginal position to turn laser off.

XD 3”

Push in the takedown lever/laser switch with the trigger finger until a click is felt.

The red mark on the switch will be visible.

Your Guide Rod Laser is factory aligned and no further alignment is needed.

Your point of bullet impact should be within 1½” of your point of laser aim at 10 yards.



–Laser radiation is emitted from the front aperture of the laser when the switch is

activated. Please read the warning labels found in this manual.

Before handling any firearm with or without a laser, read and understand the entire contents

of your firearm and laser manual, especially the safety precautions and procedures for safe

firearms handling.

Follow all precautions as outlined by the firearms manufacturer. Keep this and all firearm

related products locked and secured from children or other unauthorized users. Safety glasses

are recommended during all steps of assembly and disassembly.

Always make sure the weapon is clear and safe before attempting to install or uninstall

your laser or making adjustments or changing laser batteries. Never put your hand in

front of the muzzle of a firearm. Always keep your finger away from the trigger until you

are ready to fire. Test your LaserMax laser periodically during periods of non-usage to

ensure adequate battery levels.

LaserMax, Inc. strongly recommends that the user of the firearm install the sight.

The Guide Rod Laser becomes an integral part of the firearm, and the user should

become familiar with its installation and use as with the rest of the firearm.

Initial Inspection

If the shipping package is severely damaged, notify the carrier immediately for

insurance purposes.


The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser is designed to be used with the Springfield Armory firearm,

lubricated exactly as described in the current version of the Springfield Armory Owner’s
Manual. Excess lubricant can interfere with the proper function of both the firearm and the

Guide Rod Laser, as can inadequate lubricant.

Field Strip Your Firearm

Please refer to your SPRINGFIELD Armory owners manual for instructions on field stripping

and firearms safety.

Remove Factory Takedown Lever

Removing the factory lever and installing ours both require substantial force.

TOOLS SHOULD NOT BE USED. Remove the factory takedown lever from frame by

twisting it counter-clockwise while pulling the lever away from the frame until

switch pulls out (figure 1). Store with factory guide rod for future use.

Install the LaserMax Takedown Lever/Activation Switch

Insert the LaserMax lever/switch with the “flag” pointing at the 3:00 position. Firmly push in

towards the frame while twisting counter-clockwise to 12:00, then to 9:00, then back to 12:00

and push in on switch to lock it in and make it flush with the frame (figure 2). The XDM 4.5”

takedown activation switch will click into position when properly seated. The XD 3” will seat

itself when properly installed.

Test the action of the new laser switch. For the XD 3”, push the switch in towards the frame.

There will be a ‘click’ felt when the switch is in the ‘on’ position. Test both directions as the

switch is ambidextrous. For the XDM 4.5”, rotate the teardrop shaped lever 90°. You will feel a

distinct ‘click’ when the lever has been properly rotated.

Installing batteries and battery cap

XDM 4.5”

Gently pop the cap off the laser tube to expose the batteries.

Replace batteries with a new set. Make sure the flat inscribed end (+) of the batteries

is facing toward you.

With the recessed notch on the laser tube at the 12:00 position, place the battery cap

raised notch at the 9:00 position, insert the opposite end of the cap into the battery

compartment first. Then push in while twisting the cap clockwise and you will feel

the cap snap into place and seat.

The cap will lay flush to the tube. If a gap exists, the O-ring did not seat properly.

Remove the cap and perform above step again.

XD 3”

Slide cap off of the end. Insert a new LaserMax battery pack into the battery compartment

with the flat side (+) facing out of the tube. Slide the battery cap back onto the tube.

The word ‘BARREL’ is engraved on both the laser tube and the cap with indicating arrows.

The arrows on the tube and cap must point the same way. Incorrect installation will

cause significant alignment error between the lasers point of aim and the bullet’s point

of impact. Be sure the gold–plated battery contact is pressed firmly into its recess

on the mating side of the cap. Hold the battery pack below the surface of the battery

compartment with a fingernail while sliding the cap into position.






User Guide for Springfield

XDM 4.5”

(9mm/.40 S&W ONLY)


XD 3”

(9mm/.40 S&W ONLY)

See it installed at or find it on

Part # 01785–0–33(REV B) 04/2012

Please read this entire manual before you begin the

installation of your new LaserMax Guide Rod Laser.


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