Canon Deluxe Sports Roadster 1 User Manual

Chevrolet confederate, Deluxe sports roadster, Classic car series : 01

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Classic Car Series : 01



Chevrolet Confederate

Deluxe Sports Roadster


Canon Inc.


Toshimasa Mitsutake

Mountain fold

Valley fold

Cut a notch

along this line.

Cut a notch

along the line.

Dotted line

Dashed and

dotted line

Solid line

Scissors mark

Fold so that the printed pattern faces outside.

Dots indicate parts to be glued;

dotted lines indicate approximate area for
application of glue.

Glue parts with the same number together.

Glue areas within the same part together.

Glue to the reverse side of the specified part.

Fold so that the printed pattern faces inside.

Cut along the center of the line.

Red dot

Green dot

Blue dot

Cut these areas out.

Glue, scissors and other tools may be dangerous
to young children so be sure to keep them out of
the reach of young children.

Assembly Instructions : Six A4 sheets (No. 1 to No. 6)

Build this model with careful reference to the Assembly Instructions.


Assembly tip

Key to symbols

Write the number of each part on the reverse side of the part in pencil upon
cutting it out, to be sure you can tell which part is which later.
Before gluing, crease the paper along mountain and valley fold lines. Trace
along the folds with a ruler and an exhausted ballpoint pen (out of ink) to get a
sharper fold.
Make sure rounded sections are nice and stiff.

Ruler, set square
Glue (Wood glue or craft glue recommend)
Exhausted ballpoint pen (out of ink)
Toothpicks (for use in applying glue)
Tweezers (useful for handling small parts)

View of completed model

* This model was designed for Papercraft and may differ from the original in some respects.