HP CalcPad 100 User Manual

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CalcPad 100


User’s Guide

HP Part Number: NW226-90001
First Edition: Jan 2009

HP CalcPad 100 Keyboard Legend


HP CalcPad 100

I Word ^ I Eireel j I Desktop j | H^glc ]







1. Number lock

2. Application hot


keys (launch)

3. Number lock key

4. Division and

5. Backspace key

multiplication keys

6. Home key

7. Page up key

8. Directional arrow

9. Subtraction and

keys (cursor)

addition keys

10. End key

11. Enter key

12. Insert key

13. Page down key

14. Decimal point key

16. Double zero key

15. Delete key

HP CalcPad 100


• The keypad layout of the CalcPad 100 is similar to

the standard PC 10-key numeric pad.

• The CalcPad 100 is compatible with many Microsoft

Windows® applications: 98, 98 SE, NT, and ME,
2000 Professional and XP.

• The CalcPad has two additional USB ports and may

be used as a hub lor any USB-compatible PC peripherals.

• CalcPad 100 can be used as a security keypad to

enter pin numbers, or toentermenuoptions as long
as your system is compatible with a standard PC
10-key numeric keypad.

• The CalcPad supports plug and play.
• CalcPad 100 also works with Apple computers®,

Apple Macintosh® products, and most computers
that support the USB protocol.


To install the CalcPad onto your PC, simply download the
driver for your product at http://drivers.hpcalculating.com.
Once installed, this software permits you to:

• Launch commonly used applications on your PC

from the CalcPad.

• Choose an HP calculator for use with the CalcPad.
• Select and set a default calculator to load whenever

your PC is turned on.

Once the initial install is complete, you may plug the
CalcPad into any USB port on your PC.

Launching applications

Once the CalcPad hasbeen installed, press the hot keys,








, |HPCalc|,

to launch and toggle

between the following applications installed on your
PC: Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, the Desktop,
and HP Calculator software.

Note: the applications listed must be installed on your
PC prior to using the hot keys on the CalcPad. Microsoft
Word and Excel are registered trademarks af Microsoft
Corporation. Microsoft software applications are not
included with this product.

Sample Key Functions

1. Press the double zero key, [00],to assist with

numbers with multiple zeros.

2. Press the backspace key,


. to delete one

number at a time, starting with the last number entered.

3. Press the directional arrow keys,[^],[.^],[®],[| ]

to position the cursor for deleting, editing and
inserting numbers.

4. Press the number lock key,[Num I k ] , to activate/

deactivate the numbered keys and access the
secondary key functions.

Legal Notices

This manual and any examples contained herein are

provided "as is" and are subject to change without notice.

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Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of this manual is

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Warranty, Regulatory, and Contact


HP Limited Hardware Warranty and Customer Care

This HP Limited Warranty gives you, the end-user customer,

express limited warranty rights from HP, the manufacturer.

Please refer to HP's Web site for an extensive description of

your limited warranty entitlements. In addition, you may also

have other legal rights under applicable local law or special

written agreement with HP.

Limited Hardware Warranty Period

Duration: 12 months total (may vary by region, please visit

v/ww.hp.com/support for latest information).

General Terms

HP warrants to you, the end-user customer, that HP

hardware, accessories and supplies will be free from defects
in materials and workmanship after the date of purchase, for

the period specified above. If HP receives notice of such

defects during the warranty period, HP will, at its option,
either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.

Replacement products may be either new or like-new.

HP warrants to you that HP software will not fail to execute
its programming instructions after the date of purchase, for

the period specified above, due to defects in material and

workmanship when properly installed and used. If HP

receives notice of such defects during the warranty period,

HP will replace software media which does not execute its
programming instructions due to such defects.

HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will

be uninterrupted or error free. If HP is unable, within a
reasonable time, to repair or replace any product to a

condition as warranted, you will be entitled to a refund of
the purchase price upon prompt return of the product with

proof of purchase.

HP products may contain remanufactured parts equivalent to

new in performance or may have been subject to incidental

Warranty does not apply to defects resulting from (a)

improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration, (b)

software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by HP,

(c) unauthorized modification or misuse, (d) operation

outside of the published environmental specifications for the

product, or (e) improper site preparation or maintenance.




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