Tool set up, Safety opera tion maintenance setup – Chicago Electric 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw 69067 User Manual

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Item 69067

Operating Instructions

Read the ENTIRE IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION section at the beginning of this

manual including all text under subheadings therein before set up or use of this product.

Tool Set Up



Release the Trigger, make sure the Trigger Lock is not

engaged and unplug the tool from its electrical outlet

before adjusting the tool or installing accessories.

Installing the Saw Blade

1. If there is an installed blade, remove it by

opening the Chuck and pulling the blade out.

To open the Chuck, rotate it counterclockwise

and hold it in the open position.

2. Release the Chuck to close it.

3. To install the new Saw Blade, rotate and hold the

Chuck counterclockwise while inserting the Saw

Blade and pushing it in to its deepest position.

4. Release the Chuck to close it.

5. Check that the Saw Blade is firmly locked in

place and that the teeth are pointed downward.

WARNING! To prevent serious injury: Before

plugging in the Power Cord for each use, wearing

work gloves, pull on the Saw Blade to make

sure it is securely locked in the Chuck.

Adjusting the Pivot Shoe

Hex Key

Cap Screws


Front Cover

Figure 2

1. The retracted blade length should be longer than the

width of the workpiece. If the Blade is shorter, the

tip will jam in the workpiece during cutting, possibly

causing injury and damaging the Blade or workpiece.

To adjust the Pivot Shoe and the Blade extension:

2. Loosen both Cap Screws on the

underside of the Front Cover.

3. Adjust the Pivot Shoe in or out as needed.

4. Tighten the Cap Screws. Do not over tighten.