JDC Electronic SA Speedwatch User Manual

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Wireless Speed Computer

Instruction manual

1. Introduction

The SPEEDWATCH wireless speed computer

is a highly accurate means to measure speed

through water of any low-speed watercraft

such as a sailboat, yacht, kayak or small

powered boats. Designed for the serious racer

and the advanced users, the SPEEDWATCH gives

valuable feedback on the performance of your


The small impeller is placed under the craft, in

a variety of mounting possibilities. When your

boat or kayak is moving through the water,

the impeller rotates creating a magnetic field

that penetrates through hull without wires.

This magnetic field is received by the sensitive

sensor at the end of a cable on the transmitter,

which is placed within 30 cm from the impeller.

The transmitter then sends out a low-frequency

radio signal that is received by the display up to

5 meters. The signal is processed and displayed

as instant speed.

The SPEEDWATCH uses this speed signal to

calculate the instant, balanced, and maximum

speed as well as the trip and total distance. The

SPEEDWATCH outperforms any GPS with regards

to precise speed and distance measurement,

allowing for minute changes in performance to

be registered and adjusted. The SPEEDWATCH

becomes an invaluable tool when sailing or

rowing in currents, as it measures true speed

through water, rather than average speed over

land like a GPS.

The magnetized impeller requires no power

source, the transmitter uses a 9V battery, and

the display includes a long-life Lithium battery,

good for hundreds of hours of use.


Speed : Instant, balanced, maximum, average

Distance : Trip, total

Chronometer : Automatic or manual

Countdown Timer : 10, 6, 5, 3, or 1 minute(s)

Time of day : AM/PM mode

Backlight : Red backlight