Karcepts KPS0X User Manual

Page 6

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Insert the M8 x 100mm long flange bolt into the top hole of the alternator, then

slide the 1/2” thick alternator spacer onto the bolt and thread by hand into the
upper left hole where the A/C compressor previously mounted. Thread this bolt
approximately 2-3 full turns by hand to get started. Once you get the upper bolt
started, it will be able to support the alternator such that you can now start the
threads of the bottom M8 x 50mm or M8 x 70mm bolts. If your kit includes M8
x 70mm bolts, it will also include two 3/8” thick alternator spacers which will
need to be installed in between the alternator and the bracket on the lower
mounting holes. It is important to start the threads of all 3 bolts before
beginning to tighten any of them down. Once all bolts have been started, you
may begin to torque them to 16 ft-lbs (192 in-lbs). Do not over-torque or
alternator bolts may shear under operation.