Motorola M900 User Manual

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M900, M930, M930NAV Installation Guide

Product Parts

Head Control Unit

GPS Receiver

(M930NAV only)



Power Cable

Head Control Unit

Swivel Holder

When Installing the car phone avoid positioning the head control unit where it may
disrupt the proper operation of the vehicle and/or its components, such as
car stereo, air bags, cubbyhole, glove compartment, ashtray, lighter, gear stick,
hand brake, etc.

Attach the car phone to a stable surface, in a position that is
safe and convenient for the driver to use.

Special warning:

Do not position the head control unit in front of the air bag or

where it may impair air bag performance. Verify that the control unit does not face
the sun or source of humidity, such as air conditioner vents.

When the phone is powered off insert the SIM its into socket at the right side of the


Install the microphone at a distance of no
more than 30 cm (12 inch) away from the
driver’s mouth, ideally on the upper right
hand side of the sun visor and away from
any noise source such as windscreens,

window, fan/air conditioner, car stereo etc.

Make sure the microphone is at a distance
of at least 1.5m (4.9 ft) from the speaker
and is not directed towards the speaker.

Make sure that the microphone is correctly





microphone position.

Microphone Location:

Slots towards the driver

Do not thread the microphone cable close to antenna cable, to avoid audio interference.

Plug the microphone cable into the compatible connection in the octopus cable.


Make sure that the microphone cable does not interfere with the steering

wheel or the pedals of the vehicle.


The speaker and microphone should be pointed towards



to avoid echo.







Speaker Location

Install the speaker on the side of the central console, ideally alongside the legs of

the passenger sitting beside the driver, as far as possible from the microphone.

Thread the speaker cable under the carpet along the floor of the vehicle.

Plug the speaker cable into the compatible connection in the octopus cable.

Verify that the cable does not interfere with the proper operation of the vehicle and/or
its components.

Do not conceal the speaker behind any obstacle such as dashboard, glove
compartment, carpet or any other barrier which will result in poor audio quality.


The speaker and microphone (which is fitted on the sun visor above the

driver) should be pointed towards

opposite directions

to avoid echo. Speaker slots

should be pointed towards passenger door.

RF Antenna

Various RF antenna models can be installed for the Motorola in-vehicle product line.

The antenna type (glass, roof mount, marine or RV antenna types) should best

match the customer's application.

Eiectricai Requirements

Motorola mandates that the antenna meet the following


VSWR <= 2:1

Gain: 3dBi @ 806-960MHz

2dBi @ 1850-1990MHz

Antenna Connector:

• North American models use SMA Male antenna connector.

• European models use FME antenna connector.

• The required connector in other regions depends on the specific model and may

be either FME or SMA Male.

Materiai and Environmental Information

The mechanical configuration should meet outdoor conditions with appropriate

temperature range for customer applications.

Motorola recommends the following characteristics:

• RF Cable: RG58U, PVC coated/polyethylene dialectic cable;

• Operating temperature: -30°C to



• Heat and UV stabilized;

• Flammability UL94V0;

• For on-glass antenna, use adhesive pad with temperature range of -40°C to



and bond not affected by moisture.

Motorola recommends the following antenna suppliers:

PCTEL Antenna Specialists,

For 850/1900MHz on-glass antenna with SMA male connector use P/N APDM928S.

Panorama Antennas,

For 900/1800MHz on-glass antenna with FME connector use P/N GDE-5F

For 900/1800MHZ on-glass antenna with SMA Male connector, use P/N GDE-5S.

Antenna Installation


Ensure the antenna Is located at least 20 cm away from driver and



To avoid audio interference, do not thread the antenna cable close to

the microphone cable.

Use original antenna plug and clamping tools only. Test antenna and cable performance
using a VSWR meter.

The preferred position for on-glass antenna is either on the upper right side or upper
left side of the windshield, opposite from the driver's seat. Should another cellular
device already be installed in the vehicle, the antennas should be located at a
distance of at least 30cm (1 foot) from the other.


Certain car models include a 'heat reflective' front windshield and therefore

it is necessary to glue the antenna on the side or on the rear windshield only.