XPAL Power SpareOne Emergency Phone User Manual

How to, Discover your phone

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How to...

1. POWER On/Off

Long press and release

[ On/off sound beeps ]

2. Enter PIN code (If any)

[ Insert SIM card’s PIN code ]

Enter PIN code using 0 - 9 keys

and validate with

[ On sound beeps ]

If wrong PIN code, enter again

your PIN code. After 3 tries you

must enter a PUK code.

[ On sound beeps ]

3. Lock / unlock keypad

Long press and release

[ Beep / Beep ]

4. Make a call

Enter the phone number using

the keypad and press

[ Keypad sound + All repeat ]

5. End a call

Press and release

[ Quiet Beep ]

6. Answer a call

When the phone rings, press

[ Ringtone ]

7. Reject a call

When the phone rings, press

[ Stop Ringtone ]

8. Accept / End a second call

In the event of a second incoming

call, press to accept second

call. Press again to switch to

the first call or press to finish

the second call.

[ Beep ]

9. Redial

To redial the last incoming or

outgoing call, press two


[ Keypad number plays ]

10. Earpiece volume

There are two volume levels,

press to adjust.

[ Beep ]


Discover your phone

The front / Top


Speed Dial

Lock, unlock



/ End Call


Torch light







How to...

11. Speed dial

a) You can set nine numbers on

the speed dial to

To set up a speed dial, enter a

phone number by using 0 - 9

keys and then long press 1 - 9

keys for 5 seconds.

[ Validation Beep ]

Long press to compose +

[ i-e: +123 456 789 ]

b) To call M1 - M9, simply long

press on the desired number.

12. Clear memory

Press and release

[ Restore to factory setting (M1 -

M9, Center key, Volume level, last

call, by pressing *#1234# ]

13. Use the torch light

Press and release

[ Light on ]

Long press and release

[ Keep light on ]

Press or

[ Turn off ]

SMS ...

1. Call me back SMS

You can send a “call me back”

SMS with your SpareOne to

numbers stored in speed dial

memories: Long press * then long

press speed the desired recipient

on 1 - 9 (See “How to ... Set speed

dial” on the back of this user


[ Positive tone if SMS sent, Error

tone if no phone number have

been set up before ]

2. Auto reply SMS

In the event of a received SMS,

SpareOne will automatically


[ to deactivate this

function press *#12345# ]

This function works only if the SIM

card has space to store SMS.

Please delete any unused SMS

before use.


AA battery

Storage for

2nd SIM card

or Micro SIM


SIM card slot

Discover your phone

The back

*battery door open


LED Light

Battery door

Open battery


Antenna / Network LED light


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