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Thank you for purchasing this ObusForme Therapy product.

This family of products is intended to support independent core body flexibility, balance and strength exercises in accordance with the
direction or guidance of a medical professional such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or occupational therapist. Uses range from
recovery from specific soft-tissue injuries to helping maintain overall physical wellness.

Important Safety Notes:

ObusForme Therapy products should only be used in accordance with the specific advice and guidance of a healthcare professional,
such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or primary care physician. Individuals’ therapeutic needs and limitations vary greatly and as a
result specific exercise regimens should be developed in close cooperation with your healthcare professional.

Use of these products in

the appropriate manner and setting are crucial to achieving the desired therapeutic results safely and comfortably. If you experience
any pain or discomfort while using these products, discontinue use immediately and consult with your healthcare professional.

Accidental or intentional misuse of these products may result in injury.

Inflation Instructions:

Posture Balance Cushion:

The Posture Balance Cushion requires inflation prior to use. To inflate, first remove the included hand pump from its package, then
remove the needle from its storage location in the pump handle and screw it on to the bottom of the pump. Insert the needle gently into
the white air valve on the bottom of the cushion. To adjust the level of firmness, either pump some more air into the cushion using the
pump, or insert the needle briefly into the air valve to allow some air to bleed from the cushion, and then remove the needle.

Balance Ball:

The Balance Ball requires inflation prior to use. To inflate, locate the white valve plug which is packaged with the Balance Ball and
carefully set it aside. Remove the included hand/foot pump from its package, and then attach the open end of the blue vinyl hose to the
blue nozzle on the pump. Choose the white nozzle at the other end of the vinyl hose which best fits your Balance Ball, attach it to the
vinyl hose, then insert it firmly into the Balance Ball’s inflation hole. Pump the ball up to the desired level of firmness, quickly remove the
nozzle and replace it firmly with the included white valve plug. To adjust the level of firmness, simply remove the white valve plug and
either pump some more air into the ball using the pump, or allow some air to bleed from the ball, then replace the valve plug. To
completely deflate the Balance Ball, remove the white valve plug and allow most of the air to escape; to remove the remaining air,
attach the open end of the vinyl hose to the red nozzle on the pump and use the pump to remove the rest of the air.

Care Instructions:

Spot clean your ObusForme Therapy product as necessary with a damp cloth and some mild detergent if required. Be sure to
completely remove any detergent residue before using the product again
so as to avoid slipping or loss of control which could
provide hazardous. As these products have been designed for maintenance-free use, no further care should be required.

Usage Instructions:

Visit our Back and Neck Care Centre for expert advice on using our Balance Disk and Flex Band products.


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