Battery replacement, Operation guide pdm-30b – Casio PDM-30B User Manual

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Operation Guide PDM-30B



Replace the battery whenever the figures on the display become dim and difficult to read.

Replacing the Battery
1. Insert a coin or similar object into the slot on the bottom of the pedometer.
2. Move the coin up and down to remove the cover from the front panel.
3. Remove the old battery.
4. Load a new battery so its positive (+) side is facing up (so you can see it ).

• Loading the battery improperly can cause it to leak and damage the interior of the pedometer.

5. Replace the cover on the front panel.

• Insert the tabs of the cover into the slots, and then press the cover until it snaps securely in place.

• Check to make sure that the front panel cover is securely and properly in place.

6. Press the RESET button and MODE button at the same time.
7. Release the buttons.

• This causes “88888” to appear for about two second, and then the number of step screen appears.

• At this time the number of steps, distance, and calorie screens will all be “0”.

• The stride length, weight, and current time settings are also reset to their initial defaults at this time. Perform

the required procedures to configure the stride length, weight, and current time settings.







Battery Precautions
• Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If a battery is accidentally swallowed, contact your physician


• Be sure to load the battery with its positive (+) side facing upwards (so you can see it ).

• Never charge the battery that comes with the pedometer.

• Should the battery ever leak inside the pedometer, wipe out the fluid with a cloth, taking care not to let any get

onto your skin.

• Replace the battery at least once a year, even if the current battery is working properly.

• The battery that comes with the pedometer loses some of its power during transport and storage.