Eowave FootControl User Manual

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eowave c 2007 [email protected] www.eowave.com All rights reserved.

eowave c 2007 [email protected] www.eowave.com All rights reserved.

What is it? Eowave FootControl is a little magic box which enables to connect any

expression pedal and/or any footswitch directly to your computer via USB. NO MIDI

interface needed! It is compatible with all MIDI compatible softwares. With the Foot-

Control free editor, you will easily choose the message type you want as well as the

MIDI channel. Made for all musicians!

1) click on the button to update the

list of all the MIDI interfaces

connected to your computer.

2) Select FootControl or Audio

Device in the list.

3) Click on the pictures to select a

pedal or a footswitch per channel

4) Choose the mode (normall or


5) Select the message type


for pedals, Program Change or Note

for footswitches)

6) Select your MIDI channel 1 to 16

7) Select your CC 0 to 127.

8) Update memory to save your

setting in your FootControl internal


8) A message window will show you

the pedal & footswitch activity.

9) Start playing!

10) Next time, all you'll have to do

to restore your parameters is click

on check memory!