Whirlpool X12002V0 User Manual

Use and care guide, Air conditioner, Please remember

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Air Conditioner

Use and

Care Guide




Thank you for choosing a Roper air

conditioner. This Guide will help you
operate and maintain your new,
quality-built Roper air conditioner. Keep
this Guide in a safe place for future

First...complete all

of the Installation


steps before attempting to operate your
air conditioner.

Next... complete and

mail the Product

Registration Card.

This card enters your wananty into our

warranty system insuring efficient

claim processing. It can be used as a
proof of purchase for insurance claims
and helps Roper to contact you
immediately in the unlikely event of a
product safety recall.

Please remember...

It is your responsibility to be sure that
your air conditioner:

■ Has been properly installed according

to the Installation Instructions

■ Is the right size for the area you want

to cool.

■ Is properly connected to a grounded

electrical circuit that meets the
electrical requirements as stated in
the Installation Instructions.

■ Is used only for the job it was

intended to do.

■ Is not used by children or anyone

unable to operate it properly.

■ Is properly maintained.

Remove the energy


Lift one edge of the energy rating label
and pull straight off. Use a damp cloth

to take off any glue residue.

Do Not use any sharp instrument or any
harsh or abrasive cleaners.

Do Not use rubbing alcohol or
flammable toxic solvents; such as
acetone, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride,

Energy-saving tips.

■ Improve home insulation. Seal doors

and windows. Close fireplace flue.

■ Close blinds or drapes on sunny side

of house. Add window awnings.

■ Keep air filter clean.
■ Do Not block air flow with drapes or


■ Ventilate attic. High temperatures in

the attic add to the cooling load.

' Try not to use heat-producing

appliances during the hottest part of

the day.

I Turn lights and appliances off when

not needed.
Keep heat registers and cool-air

returns closed.

Use exhaust venting fans while
cooking, doing laundry and bathing.

Part No. 1158169 Rev. A

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