GE 15325 In-Wall 24 Hour Mechanical Timer User Manual


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Shui c/ff power otfose ijowcircff'curt breaker before inifaHation.

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'wi'th single-pol9, оп9 siMlich permanently installed applications.

1. Remowe wall plate and ем sting single pale switch, If applicable.
2. Remwe timer from package. Using a dime, gently turn the center screw counter clocbvise. Remote the center pin. Remote the

dial. Rgure 1

3. Remove the screws to takeoff the decor wall plate and set aside for later use.
4. Strip building wire to 3/8'.
5. Connectwires using theprwided Iwist-on connectors (Use with copperwire only]. As shown in Figure 2. The white wire Is the

circuit's Neutral conductor. [Often the Neutral wire can be found pushed in the back of the switch bow, bound by a wire nut. If you
are uncertain as to which wire iswhich or cannot locate your neutral wire, please consult a certified electrician.]

REFER to the wiring diagram.

6. Push wires into boH without crushing or pinching wires.
7. Mount the timer securely with long mounting screws provided. Reattach cover plate by screwing it onto the main timer unit.
0. Replace timer dial, replace center screw and gently tighten clockwise.
9. Restore power at fuse bo« or c ircu it breaker.

The timer has 2 settings, OFF and TIMER. To remove power from load, place the slide switch in the OFF position. To use the timer:
1. Place the slide switch in the 'TIMER' position.
2. Rotate the dial cloclwise until the current time lines up with the arrow in the center dial. [►)
3. Locate the segments around on the outer edge of the timerls dial. These segments, each representing 30 minutes, can be

pushed out and owqyfrom the edge of the dial [try using the tipofapenor pencil]. Conversely, segments that hove been pushed

out can be easily pushed back in by hand. Be sure all segments are pushed in before programming. Select a time period (or

periods) you want the appliance turned on, then push out ALL the segments that fall on or within that time period. Fore>;ample,

to have the timer turn an appliance on at 10РИ and off at 2AM, push out the segments representing 10PM and 2AM, andALL the
segments in between. You may need to turn the dial clockwise to access the desired segments. The setting(s] above the current
time settingf^) can not be moved.

Typical Wiring Schematic

^=Wiring Nut


\ (

........ ^

Figure 1


12ЭУАС, 15A Resistive
12Э/АС, 15A General Purpose


125QW Tungsten

12ЭУАС, 1/2 HP
12Э/АС, SlXm Electronic Ballast



Risk of electric shock
• Shut off power atfuseboKorcircuit

breaker before instalbtion

• Do not use in wet iocations
• Use indoors only

Risk of fire
• Do not eitceed elecfriool ratings
• Use copperwire only with this device