GE 23035 GE 7-Outlet Home Theater Surge Strip 2140 Joules User Manual

Internal protection features

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HeavyDtnyPower Cord
Sit., 14 gauge cord with space
saving right-angle plug.
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Power Switch
Includes integrated circuit
breaker fc^ additional safety.

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Surge Protectiw Indicator

Indicates surge protectm

components are working.

Eocraspas a Indicador da Ptotaccioo

Integral Sliding Safety Covers

Protects children; keeps dust and
debris from unused outlets.

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Internal Protection Features

2145 Joule Rating Premium protection for

Home Theater components.

• Automatic Shutdown Technology In the event

of a catastrophic occurrence or if the surge
components expire, thermal fuses shut power
down, protecting all connected equipment.


Electrical Rating: 125V, 15A, 1875 Watts

Maximum Energy Dissipation: 2145 Joules

MaximumSu^e Voltage:6000Volts
Maximum Spike Current: 75,000 Amps
UL1449 Clam ping Voltage: 330 Volts

Response Tima: Less than 1 nanosecond

• Clean Power Feature Electrical noise and
interference can cause data disturbances and
may harm sensitive electronic components.

High frequency capacitors are used to filter out

these harmful disturbances and provide clean

power to your valued Home Theater/computer



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