Control description, Expander, Compressor – Drawmer Six-Pack Multi-Ch. Dynamics User Manual

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All six channels of the “Six-Pack” are identical and may be used completely

independently or linked for 5.1 surround operation.



Range -70dB to +20dB.

This control sets the level below which expansion starts

to take place. When the expander starts to operate, the

red status LED will come on. Note: because the expansion

ratio varies with signal level, it is possible to arrive at a

situation where the red expansion LED may be illuminated

when little or no perceived gain reduction is taking place.

This means that the expansion Threshold may need to be

set a little higher than it would with a conventional

expander and final setting is best done by ear. The adaptive expansion system used

in the “Six-Pack” means, however, that setting up is not over-critical and the gating

action is far more progressive.


A release time of between 0.05 to 1 Second may be selected depending

on the material being processed. Percussive material with little or no

reverb is generally treated using a faster release setting, whereas

material with slow decays or a significant amount of added

reverberation will usually respond better to a longer release setting.



Determines the input level above which

gain reduction will be applied and may be

set in the range -40 to +20dB. Soft knee

compression takes place for signals

exceeding the threshold level by up to 10dB

above which level, conventional 'ratio'

compression is applied.


Sets the final compression ratio that will be

applied once the 10dB 'soft-knee' region is

exceeded. The ratio may be continuously

adjusted from 1.2:1 to infinity:1 allowing

the possibility of true hard limiting.


Sets the rate at which the system gain returns to normal after the input

signal level has fallen below the threshold. This may be set in the range

0.05 seconds to 5 seconds.


Sets the rate at which the compressor will respond to input signals that

exceed the threshold level. This may be set in the range 0.5mS to