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Because the Gate is self-adapting to the programme dynamics, it should be possible to
obtain far more satisfactory results than are possible with conventional gates. Similarly,
do not assume that because the gate threshold LEDs flicker during a piece of quiet but
wanted material that it is having a detrimental effect. W hen it first comes into play, the
ratio of expansion is very low, so trust your ears!

Finally, set the Gain control to give the required output level using the level meter to
guide you. Avoid running at very high output levels as this reduces the available amount
of signal headroom and could lead to distortion in extreme cases. Once the gain is
correct, set the Peak Limiter Level control so that the limiter LED only lights briefly on
extreme signal peaks. Alternatively, set the Peak limiter Level to the desired value and
then adjust the compressor Gain control to ensure minimum limiter activity.
If required, the Gate may be used on its own with the compressor and limiter functions
disabled. The Peak limiter has no separate on / off control, but turning the Level control
fully clockwise will prevent any unwanted limiter action. To effectively bypass the
compressor section turn the compressor Threshold up to its maximum of +20dB (fully
counter-clockwise), set the Ratio to its lowest setting of 1.2:1 and adjust the Gain to
approximately 0dB.


For warranty service please call Drawmer Electronics Ltd. Or their nearest authorised
service facility, giving full details of the difficulty. On receipt of this information, service
or shipping instructions will be forwarded to you. No equipment should be returned
under the warranty without prior consent from Drawmer or their authorised

For service claims under the warranty agreement a service Returns Authorisation (RA)
number will be given. Write this RA number in large letters in a prominent position on
the shipping box. Enclose your name, address, telephone number, copy of the original
sales invoice and a detailed description of the problem.

Authorised returns should be prepaid and must be insured. All Drawmer products are
packaged in specially designed containers for protection. If the unit is to be returned,
the original container must be used. If this container is not available, then the equipment
should be packaged in substantial shock-proof material, capable of withstanding the
handling for the transit.


Drawmer Electronics Ltd., will be pleased to answer all application questions to enhance
your usage of this equipment. Please address correspondence to:

Drawmer (Technical Help line) : Coleman St.: Parkgate : Rotherham : S62 6EL : UK

or, E-mail us on :

[email protected]

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