Installation, Audio connections – Drawmer MX50 Pro Dual Vocal De-esser User Manual

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The MX50 is designed for standard 19" rack mounting and occupies 1U of rack space.
Avoid mounting the unit directly above power amplifiers or power supplies that radiate
significant amounts of heat. Always connect the mains earth to the unit. Use fibre or
plastic washers to prevent the front panel becoming marked by the mounting bolts.


Input and Output connections are provided for use at +4dBu via balanced XLRs or at
-10dBu via unbalanced jacks. It is permissible to use both +4dBu and -10dBu outputs
simultaneously. If unbalanced operation at +4dBu is required, simply connect the
unused terminal to Ground inside the XLR cable plugs. This applies to both inputs and
outputs. The wiring convention for XLR being: pin 1 Ground, pin 2 Hot and pin 3 Cold.
For use with unbalanced systems, the Cold pin 3 must be grounded at both input and
output XLRs.


If the unit is to be used where it maybe exposed to high levels of

disturbance such as found close to a TV or radio transmitter, we
suggest that the unit be operated using the XLR connectors. The
screens of the signal cables should be connected to the chassis
connection on the XLR connector as opposed to connecting to
pin1. The MX50 fully conforms to the EMC standards.

Ground Loops:

If ground loop problems are encountered, never disconnect the

mains earth, but instead, try disconnecting the signal screen on
one end of each of the cables connecting the outputs of the MX50
to the patchbay. If such measures are necessary, balanced (XLR)
operation is recommended.

Level Conversion:

It is possible to apply an input to the MX50 at only one of the two

possible levels, say !10dB via the jack socket, and utilise both of
the output levels and cable options of !10dB and +4dB

One useful example of this connection option would be if the unit
was used to process a keyboard - commonly these have an output
level of !10dB, and are terminated with jack sockets. It is feasible
using the MX50s dual output capability to use the !10dB jack input
to feed from the keyboard and the !10dB output onwards to the
amplifier, and the +4dB balanced XLR connector for a direct feed
to the mixing console. This removes the need for any DI box or
cable splitter. In this example, ground loop considerations may be