Drawmer Tourbuss for Digidesign Venue User Manual

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50mS to 2.0 Seconds

Sets the length of time for the signal to return to
normal after the limiter has been active.

Peak Threshold

0.0dB to -20.0dB

Sets an absolute limit to the level that the output
signal will not be permitted to exceed. This limiter
is very fast acting enabling it to control any
peaks without audible distortion.
The compressor Gain control should be used to
ensure that the peak limiter operates only rarely
if at all, if it is to be used purely for peak
protection. Alternatively, it may be deliberately
driven into limiting to produce creative effects.

The Peak Limiter has no separate bypass control,
but turning the Level control fully clockwise will
prevent all but emergency Limiter action.

Incorporated into the compressor is a separate Peak Limiter. Limiting is an extreme form of compression,
where the output signal is sharply attenuated so that it cannot exceed a particular level.

A further feature of the TourBuss suite is a peak limiter which
allows the user to set an absolute output signal level that will
not be exceeded. If the peak limiter threshold is exceeded for
more than a few milliseconds, additional gain reduction will be
applied to reduce the overall signal level to within accepted limits
without distortion. Once the peak has passed, the system gain
will return to normal over the period of about one second. This
facility is extremely valuable both in live sound applications, for
driver protection, and in digital recording where an absolute
maximum recording level exists. Furthermore, when overdriven,
it can be used creatively to produce deliberate level pumping

G.R. Meter

0.0 to -30dB

Note: Bypass

The limiter is only ever fully bypassed when the
main plug-in bypass is in operation.

Limiter Control Description

For most cases, an output of 0dBfs will be the desired and optimum output level from the TourBuss PlugIn.
However, lower settings for the output level can be chosen by using the Limiter Threshold. This might be for
later mixer inserts to provide an optimised signal level at their input, or for radio / tv broadcast where absolute
maximum output levels may be -6dB or lower. If this is the case, set the Peak Limiter Level to the desired
output value and then adjust the Compressor Auto or manual Gain control to ensure minimum Limiter activity.

By catching short burst signal peaks that would otherwise result in clipping, the limiter allows the overall level
of the signal to be increased until the new signal peaks approach the desired level, making the mix louder and
“more full”.

Because a bypass switch has been incorporated into the compressor stage the TourBuss compressor/limiter
can be used as a stand alone limiter. This is particularly useful if gain is added at any particular stage, such
as with the use of an equaliser, because the limiter can be placed directly after the eq to catch any peaks that
will have be created. Moreover, the limiter can be placed at the end of the plug-in chain to provide an appropriate
signal level when it returns back to the Venue after all plugin processing has occurred.

Limiter Operation

Using the Drawmer TourBuss