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Operating instructions


Translation of the original operating instructions

1.12 Disposal

When disposing of the device, please comply with all relevant
requirements and regulations applicable in your country.


The device is exclusively designed as a built-in device for conveying
air according to its technical data.
Any other usage above and beyond this does not conform with the
intended purpose and constitutes misuse of the device.
Customer equipment must be capable of withstanding the mechanical
and thermal stresses that can arise from this product. This applies for the
entire service life of the equipment in which this product is installed.

Proper use also includes:

Only using the device in stationary systems.

Carrying out all maintenance.

Moving air with a density of 1.2 kg/m³.

Using the device in accordance with the permitted ambient
temperature, see chapter 3.6 Transport and storage conditions and
chapter 3.2 Nominal data.

Operating the device with all protective features in place.

Minding the operating instructions.

Improper use
Using the device in the following ways is particularly prohibited and
may cause hazards:

Operating the device with an imbalance, e.g. caused by dirt deposits
or icing.

Operation in medical equipment with a life-sustaining or lifesaving

Operation with external vibrations.

Moving solids content in flow medium.

Painting the device

Connections (e.g. screws) coming loose during operation.

Opening the terminal box during operation.

Moving air that contains abrasive particles.

Moving highly corrosive air, e.g. salt spray mist. Exceptions are
devices that are intended for salt spray mist and protected accordingly.

Moving air that contains dust pollution, e.g. suctioning off saw dust.

Operating the device close to flammable materials or components.

Operating the device in an explosive atmosphere.

Using the device as a safety component or for taking on safety-
related functions.

Operation with completely or partially disassembled or modified
protective features.

In addition, all application options that are not listed under proper use.

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