iStorage diskAshurDT Quick Start Guide User Manual

Quick start guide

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Quick Start Guide



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Remember to save your password in a

safe place. If lost or forgotten, there is

no way to access the drive.

If you are having difficulty please refer

to the complete user’s manual which is

loaded on your diskAshur drive and is

also available at IStorage’s website at:

Your diskAshur DT is preformatted in NTFS for Windows


and is ready for use. For the Mac OS

please refer to the directions on the reverse to reformat your drive to a compatible format.To

access the diskAshur DT connect the drive to a power outlet via the AC Adapter and a USB port

using the USB 3.0 cable (this cable is also compatible with USB 2.0).
Once connected turn the power switch on the back of the drive to the ON position, the LOCK

indicator light on the top of the unit should show RED. Enter the default PIN number of

123456 and

press . The UNLOCK indicator light will turn GREEN indicating the drive is unlocked and can be

Changing the ADMIN PIN number to your own unique PIN number
You are the “administrator” of this drive. The first thing you will want to do is change the Administrator

PIN number from the default 123456 to a unique, secure PIN number that you will remember.
To change the Admin PIN number follow the instructions below:

To enter Admin Mode, connect the drive to a USB port. The UNLOCK indicator light will be RED.


Next, press and hold 0 + for 5 seconds until the UNLOCK indicator light flashes RED.


Enter the Admin PIN number (default is 123456) and press . The ADMIN (A)


indicator light will turn BLUE indicating you are in Admin Mode.
While in Admin Mode, press and hold 9 + until the ADMIN (A) light flashes BLUE.


Enter the new PIN number (minimum 6 digits) and press . The UNLOCK indicator


light will flash GREEN 3 times if successful.
Re-enter the new PIN number and press . The UNLOCK indicator light will stay


solid GREEN for 2 seconds then the ADMIN (A) indicator light will become solid BLUE

indicating you have successfully changed the Admin PIN.
To exit Admin Mode and begin using your diskAshur drive, press the CANCEL button until


the LOCK indicator light turns RED. Now enter your new PIN number and press .