Motorola moto x User Manual

Let’s get started, At a glance, Charge up

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let’s get started

U.S. Cellular Customer Care

Please recycle!

This product meets the applicable limit for exposure to
radio waves (known as SAR) of 1.6 W/kg (FCC & IC).
The limits and guidelines include a substantial safety
margin designed to assure the safety of all persons,
regardless of age and health. The highest SAR values
measured for this device are listed in the regulatory
information packaged with your product.
Note: When using the product while worn on your body,
maintain a distance of 2.5 cm from the body to
ensure compliance with SAR requirements. Note that the
product may be transmitting even if you are not making a
phone call.

At a glance

At a glance

Your new Moto X™ has a bright display that goes from
one side all the way to the other. Its curved body fits in
your hand. And you’ll rarely have to plug it in.

Note: Your phone may look a little different.

Caution: Before using your phone, please read the
safety, regulatory and legal information provided
with your product.

Play Store




Volume Keys
Press volume
down + power to
take a pic of your
screen and
funny text errors.

Power Key

Nano SIM
Card Tray

Micro USB/



Charge up

Put the SIM in, charge up, and power on.

(Your SIM may already be in your phone. If it is, just
charge up and power on.)

Use the tool to pop
out the SIM tray.

Put the nano SIM
into the tray.

Push the tray back
into your phone.




Charge up.

3 H


Power on.

Charge up.


Press &
hold the


Sign in

If you use Gmail™, you already have a Google™
account—if not, you can make an account now. When
you sign in with your Google account, all your contacts,
calendar, and email automatically appear, just like

Just select your language and follow the screen
prompts to get started.



Got Google?

Do you have a Google Account?

If you use Gmail, answer Yes.

photos, and
more—sign in
to see it all.

Motorola Migrate

Moving your photos, music, text & call history, contacts
and more from your old Android™ phone is quick and
painless—we promise.

On your old Android phone, download the Motorola
Migrate app on Google Play™ to get started. Then on
your new phone, touch Apps


Migrate and

follow the instructions on your screen.

Transfer media, call and text history, as
well as SIM contacts from this Android
phone to your new one.


Let’s go!
Press start to get moving


Touch here to
get started.

Tip: If you
don’t migrate
right after
setting up your
Moto X, you
can always do
it later.

Home screen & apps

Home screen & apps

Start from the home screen. Explore your apps. Change
your wallpaper and sounds.

Customize: Change Wi-Fi, brightness, and
more—flick the status bar down and touch



for more settings.

Search: Type in the Google Search box at the top of
your home screen, or touch

and speak.

Add shortcuts & widgets: Touch Apps

, touch

and hold an app or widget, then drag it to your home
screen. (To see widgets, touch Apps



at the top.)

Play Store


Flick left or right to see
more panels.

Touch to open.

Touch to see all
your apps & widgets.

Flick down to see
settings and

Search by typing
or speaking.

Control & customize

Active notifications

See messages, calls, and more coming in to Moto X, no
matter what screen you're on. Even when your Moto X is
sleeping, info quietly appears on your screen to tell you
what you need to know—you choose the alerts.

Or try Motorola Connect. If you’re on your computer,
you can answer texts using your keyboard. Know who’s
calling before you reach for your phone.

Find it: Apps




Active Notifications


Motorola Connect


If your Moto X is
asleep when you
get a text, it lets
you know.

Touch & hold to
see the text. Drag
up to open the text
or down to unlock
your phone.