Kindle Keyboard 3G Safety Instructions User Manual

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In addition, you may not, and you will not encourage, assist or authorize any other person to,
bypass, modify, defeat or circumvent security features that protect the Digital Content.

Subscriptions. The following applies with respect to Digital Content made available to you on a
subscription basis, including, but not limited to, electronic newspapers, magazines, journals and
other periodicals (collectively, “Periodicals”): (i) you may request cancellation of your
subscription by following the cancellation instructions in the Kindle Store; (ii) we may terminate
a subscription at our discretion without notice, for example, if a Periodical is no longer available;
(iii) if we terminate a subscription in advance of the end of its term, we will give you a prorated
refund; (iv) we reserve the right to change subscription terms and fees from time to time,
effective as of the beginning of the next term; and (v) taxes may apply to subscription fees and
will be added if applicable.


Definitions. The following terms apply to the Device and to (a) all software (and the media on
which such software is distributed) of Amazon or third parties that is pre-installed on the Device
at time of purchase or that Amazon provides as updates/upgrades to the pre-installed software
(collectively, the “Device Software”), unless you agree to other terms as part of an
update/upgrade process; and (b) any printed, on-line or other electronic documentation for such
software (the “Documentation”). As used in this Agreement, “Software” means, collectively, the
Device Software and Documentation.

Use of the Device Software. You may use the Device Software only on the Device. You may
not separate any individual component of the Device Software for use on another device or
computer, may not transfer it for use on another device or use it, or any portion of it, over a
network and may not sell, rent, lease, lend, distribute or sublicense or otherwise assign any rights
to the Software in whole or in part.

No Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, Disassembly or Circumvention. You may not, and
you will not encourage, assist or authorize any other person to, modify, reverse engineer,
decompile or disassemble the Device or the Software, whether in whole or in part, create any
derivative works from or of the Software, or bypass, modify, defeat or tamper with or circumvent
any of the functions or protections of the Device or Software or any mechanisms operatively
linked to the Software, including, but not limited to, augmenting or substituting any digital rights
management functionality of the Device or Software.

Automatic Updates. In order to keep your Software up-to-date, Amazon may automatically
provide your Device with updates/upgrades to the Software.

Export Regulations. You agree to comply with all export and re-export restrictions and
regulations of the Department of Commerce and other United States agencies and authorities,
and not to transfer, or encourage, assist or authorize the transfer of the Software to a prohibited
country or otherwise in violation of any such restrictions or regulations.