Liberty Garden 698 User Manual

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Your hose reel will give you many seasons of reliable and functional hose storage. As with any steel

product, there is always the chance for rust developing over time. Your hose reel finish is designed for

industrial applications, but even the toughest of coatings can be compromised by scratches. Such minor

surface damage can occur in shipping despite our best efforts. We have found that most scratches

occur during assembly and/or installation. If the base metal is exposed to the elements long enough,

rust will develop. We recommend that you periodically inspect your reel for any surface damage.

Scratches can easily be repaired by using standard automotive touch-up body paint. Some of our most

loyal customers recommend that at the end of each season, the unit be cleaned and painted with a clear

acrylic paint. Two other sources of rust acceleration is exposing the reel to yard fertilizers or leaving your

hose reel standing in grass. Be sure to rinse off your hose reel after it comes in contact with freshly

fertilized grass. Also, try to park your hose reel on solid ground. Leaving it standing on top of vegetation

promotes condensation on the undercarriage of the unit.


Your hose reel is manufactured with the finest quality components available. All components are

manufactured to rigorous quality standards not common in other consumer grade hose reels available

today. When you install your hose reel, be sure the hose washers are in place and all fittings are secure.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as you might damage the components. If you live in more temperate

climates, be sure to drain the unit of any residual water before storing.


TO FREEZING TEMPERATURES while water remains in the plumbing system.

Troubleshooting Guide


Swivel head is not rotating, causing the leader hose to kink up.

Solution: Remove leader hose and turn the square head of the swivel several times; apply


Problem: Leaking Fixtures (galvanized tee; brass coupling; swivel)

Solution: Apply Teflon/Plummer's Tape or/and make sure fixtures are tightened.


To help delay rust, check for any scratches on your hose cart. Apply clear acrylic/weatherproof paint

to avoid rusting.

Drain water before storing.


drink water from the hose.

DO NOT leave water running though the reel while not in-use or unsupervised.

Turn off water after each use.