LR Baggs Microdrive II User Manual

LR Baggs Microphones

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I N S T A L L A T I O N M A N U A L & U S E R ' S G U I D E


















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W W W . L R B A G G S . C O M

1 . P A C K A G E C O N T E N T S

One (1) Microdrive II preamp
One (1) prewired strapjack assembly
One (1) mini-plug
Two (2) self-stick wire clips

2 . O V E R V I E W A N D C A U T I O N S

The Microdrive II preamp is designed for use with the L.R. Baggs LB6 Series pickups, but it is compatible with most other piezo ceramic pickups.
We do not, however, guarantee guarantee optimum performance or warranty use with pickups other than the LB6, LB12, LBX and LBC.

We recommend that the Microdrive II preamp be attached to the inside of the guitar on the straight spot just above the waist. This will make it
possible to use the optional Remote Control module and facilitate battery replacement.

We do not provide installation advice or support for home or hobbyist installations. Installers: please read the instructions carefully before
proceeding. We will not be responsible for any damage to the guitar or personal injury resulting from installation, use or misuse of the product.

3 . I N S T A L L A T I O N

1. The pickup and output harness plug into the preamp module. Be sure that there's room to plug and unplug the pickup and output harness
before you stick the preamp in place.

2. Before you stick the preamp to the side of the guitar, carefully consider its location and be sure that the area is free of dust. After the desired
location is found, put the two pieces of velcro together, if it's not already done. Peel off the paper from one of the sticky sides of the velcro and
stick it to the back of the preamp, pressing firmly to insure a good bond. Then, with your chosen location in mind, remove the backing from the
other side of the velcro and stick the entire preamp in the desired location.

3. Prepare the guitar for the strapjack by drilling a clean 1/2" hole in the tailblock of the guitar using a step drill. It's a good idea to mask off the
area you are drilling to avoid chipping the finish.

4. Remove the strap ring from the end of the jack. There should still be a star washer and locking nut on the middle of the jack. Put the strapjack
into the pre-drilled 1/2" hole using the nut and star washer as a depth guide. The jack should stick out enough to tighten the strap ring onto the
threaded barrel of the jack. Once the depth is set and the barrel is in the hole, screw the strap ring onto the barrel until the assembly is tight. Use
caution when tightening the strap ring so you don't crack the finish.

5. Install the LB6 Series pickup, using the instructions provided with the pickup.

6. Plug the pickup and the output jack into the preamp.

7. Secure the output jack wire to the inside of the guitar with two of the peel-and-stick cable platforms provided. Choose a location for the
platform between the pickup and preamp several inches away from the pickup. If there is a secure brace that the wire will cross, leave a little slack
in the wire so it does not touch the brace.

4 . U S E R ' S G U I D E

The Microdrive II by itself has no user controls. The output level has been set to the -10dB standard when partnered with LB6 Series pickups. The
Microdrive II preamp is designed to interface with almost any piece of outboard gear. The output jack acts as the switch: plug it in and it's on,
unplug it and it's off. The easiest way to check the battery is to plug into your rig and play very hard on the lower strings. If the sound is clean,
your battery is fine. If the tone is fuzzy, drop in a fresh one.