NOYAFA NF-816 User Manual

Page 8

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G. Determining Which Receptacles are on Specific Circuits

Set up 816T as outlined in Figure 01 and radius adjacent outlets with
antenna. You will have a tone at the receptacle/outlet if it is in the
circuit. If a clear signal is not received, that outlet is not part of the
circuit you are detecting.

H. Locating Alarm, Sound & Computer Wires

To locate other wires, it is best to disconnect the wire in question and
directly attach only one transmitter lead to the subject wire, letting the
other lead hang. Trace the path as outlined in, then trace the part of

I. External Earphone

User can connect a 3.5mm earphone
to the Receiver Earphone Jack Under
noisy environment to improve the
operating efficiency.(Fig.07)

J. Locating Hidden Receptacles

To locate receptacles that have been covered up by drywall, attach one
transmitter lead to the wire at the breaker and let the other lead hang.
Scan the walls in the room with the antenna flat against the wall
following the path or peak signal. The signal will be lost or fade rapidly
once the tone get closer to the end of the wire.

K. White LED Flash Light

User can activate LED flash light
if user press the“Push To Lamp”



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