Troubleshooting – On Networks N300RM Installation Guide User Manual

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To change the password for the modem router user name:

1. Log in to the modem router.

2. Select MANAGEMENT > Set Password to display the Set

Password screen:

3. Type your old password, and type the new password twice.


When the browser does not display the web page:

Make sure that the computer is connected to one of the four LAN

Ethernet ports, or wirelessly to the router.

Make sure that the modem router has full power and that the WiFi

LED is lit.

Close and reopen the browser to make sure that the browser

does not cache the previous page.

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If the computer is set to a static or fixed IP address (which is not

common), change the setting to have the computer obtain an IP
address from the modem router. Refer to the manual that came
with your computer for instructions.