Richell Pet Sitter Gate User Manual

Instruction manual pet sitter, Gate

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Thank you for choosing Richell's Pet Sitter


Gate. Please read this instruction manual carefully before

assembling or using this product, and keep for future reference.

Fits openings from 28.3"-41.3" (72-105cm) wide.

Mounts easily with no damage to walls and woodwork.

Designed for small dogs8.8-17.7 lbs (4-8kg).


Wooden frame coordinates well with home interior.

Adjusters with rubber stopper protect wall and woodwork.

Includes door for ease of confining/removing pet.

Parts / Specifications

Adjuster Knob(4pcs)

Adjuster Bolt(4pcs)


Rubber Skid(2pcs)

Fixing Bolt(4pcs)

Panel with Door

Hexagon Wrench(1pce)

Spring Washer(4pcs)

Adjuster Panel


Place the product against wall with a width of 2.4" or more and
on a flat sturdy surface.
Do not use this product for any other purpose/use other than its
intended purpose.
Keep the product away from fire or extreme high temperatures.
The product is designed for indoor use only. Do not use it outside.

Do not place the product at the top of staircase
or near a glass door.


Ensure that the adjuster knobs are tightened securely.
Use mild detergent to clean. Do not always use harsh chemicals
such as benzin or thinner.
This product is designed for use with pets only.

How to install

Adjust the position of fixing bolts according to the width of installation site.

Note: Tighten the fixing bolts securely with a hexagon wrench.

1. Determine the direction for opening door and set the product against
the wall.
2. Tighten the upper adjuster knob until the rubber of adjuster touches
the wall surface.
3. Tighten the upper adjuster knob until the clearance between the product
and wall is the same on both sides.
4. Tighten the lower adjuster knob to make the product vertical, and stretch
the product fully.

Fine-tune the width of installation
using adjusters on both sides.

Attach the rubber skid to the bottom
to prevent scratches to floor surface.

Install the product against the wall
The bottom of product should
contact the floor.

Note: Tighten adjusters equally on both sides to prevent overturning or damage to the product.

Installation Check

If correctly installed, the product should not feel loose or wobbly when tugged. This product should be attached
to wall securely and safely to ensure pet safety and prevent damage to product/wall.

Adjust the clearance between the product and wall
on both sides to prevent pet from getting caught
between wall and product

How to open or close the door

Turn the lock up and slide it as shown.

Product Name

Pet Sitter




28.3"-41.3"x2"x20.9" (72-105x5x53cm)


Wooden part of body :

Rubber wood

Metal part of body :


Adjuster knob :


Metal part of adjuster bolt :


Rubber part of adjuster bolt :

TPE resin

Instruction Manual

Pet Sitter



Turn adjuster knob clockwise

2.4" or more wide

Rubber Skid

Panel with Door

Adjuster Panel


Fixing Bolt

Spring Washer

Hexagon Wrench




Adjuster Bolt



2100 North Highway 360, Suite 1700, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Designed by :

Richell Corporation, Japan

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