SilentKnight FFT-HSC User Manual

Fft-hsc installation instructions, Compatibility, Mounting

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P/N 54695 Rev A

ECN 11-0003

FFT-HSC Installation

The FFT-HSC Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet is
used to store FFT-FHS handsets.


The FFT-HSC is compatible with the Silent
Knight FFT series Fire Fighters Telephone. For
more information refer to the IFP-FFT
installation manual 54708 or the SK-FFT
installation manual 54711.


Mount the FFT-HSC cabinet so it is firmly
secured to the wall surface. When mounting on
concrete, especially when moisture is expected,
attach a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to the
concrete surface and then attach the cabinet to
the plywood.

The cabinet can be surface or flush mount. If you
will flush mount the cabinet, the hole for the
enclosure should be 14.75" W x 25" H x 4" D.
Do NOT flush mount in a wall designated as a

Key Shaped Holes

Bottom Mounting Holes