Sutherland N1 User Manual

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Installation is straight forward. The N1 is supplied with a very basic AC power

cord to get you started. Many will want to use something more high-end. Feel

free to experiment. The N1 will automatically accept incoming AC line voltages

between 90 volts and 260 volts. No adjustments are necessary. It is designed to

be powered up all the time. There is no on/off switch.

The N1 dissipates very little heat. It has no special ventilation needs. However,

do not place it on top of heat generating components – like power amplifiers.

All right channel connections are on the upper row of connectors.

All left channel connections are on the lower row of connectors.

There are two sets of output jacks per channel. One output would go to your

power amplifier. The second could be used for a subwoofer, a recording device or

other accessory. Output impedance is a low 200 Ohms and can drive long runs of

interconnecting cable, if necessary.

Line level inputs use connectors 2 thru 5.

Input 5 is a unity gain pass through for

integrating into your home theater system.

Phono uses input 1. Attach your turntable’s

grounding wire to the thumbscrew near the

phono inputs.


When AC power is first applied to the N1, software begins a power up sequence.

The digital display will count down from 60 seconds. When 00 is reached, the

initial selected input will be 1 and the initial selected volume will be 00.