Sutherland PhonoBlock User Manual

Page 8

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layout is compromised with the clutter of fitting in all option components. Signal path must wander thru

the selector switch and the pile of unused option components. Sometimes the selector switch is of high

quality. More often it is a cheap DIP rocker switch – the sort for setting digital signals. Not at all ap-

propriate for passing the minute analog voltages from a phono cartridge.

To keep the signal path tight and uncluttered, the PhonoBlock uses plug in configuration boards. Gold

plated sockets for the configuration boards are located on the main circuit board very close to the as-

sociated circuitry. Signal path length is kept short and direct. Only the one, optimum value component

is applied to the signal path. The PhonoBlock comes with 4 gain options and 7 cartridge loading values.

In addition, blank plug-in boards are included for fine tuning with custom values. You are not limited to

standard values. Options are unlimited – but only one is in the circuit.