Swimline 19120 User Manual

Solstice, Home resort, Series instructions

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Your new Solstice Home Resort Series product features the “Insta-flate” system. This

system allows you to quickly and easily inflate and deflate your float. The system

combines our “19020AC InstaFlator” (4)“D” Cell battery operated pump with our

“InstaValve”. The “InstaFlator” inflator / deflator features nozzle adapters which will

connect to any of the 2 different valves on your float and can be used on many other

inflatable products as well.

19020AC InstaFlator & Adapters


To inflate your float, you’ll need the inflator provided or an inflator such as a bellows

foot pump, hand pump, electric inflator or any other inflator designed for air beds,

inflatable boats, rafts, pool floats, mattresses, and other low pressure inflatables.

Do not use an air compressor. It will damage your float.

For convenience, your new float features 2 types of valves: a smaller, “push-in” valve

and the large “InstaValve”. Inflation and deflation can be done with either of the 2

valves. If you use any other type of inflator, inflation usually must be done through the

smaller “push-in” valve. Be sure to close the valve you are not using during inflation.


Remove the cap from the InstaValve. The diaphragm inside the valve is designed

to allow air to flow in and not out. Push the nozzle from the inflator (marked on

the pump as “Inflate”) in to the valve.


Inflate the float until it is firm and all wrinkles are gone and then screw on the



Use the push-in valve for other pumps, if necessary and follow the same