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Undercounter installations generally require that the

faucet's built-in air gap be used. In basement installations, the
built-in air gap does not have to be used if one is provided
elsewhere on the drain line.

For Basement Installations Without An Air Gap Module
See Installation Instructions O.


The Uniform Plumbing Code dictates that there

must be an air gap between the RO reject line and the waste
drain. An optional non-air gap faucet, which requires a smaller
9/16" mounting hole, is available to make basement installa-
tions easier.

Undercounter Installation With An Air Gap Faucet:


Familiarize yourself with all of the components shown in
the air gap faucet diagram. (See Fig. 2)


Remove the hardware from the threaded nipple of the
faucet, except for the chrome base plate and the rubber
washer. The rubber washer may be replaced with a bead of
plumber's putty for a neater appearance.


Connect the 1/4" green tubing supplied in the installation
kit to the smaller barb on the air gap faucet. Push it on
firmly until it seats.


Connect the 3/8" black tubing to the larger barb on the air
gap faucet. Push it on firmly until it seats.


From above the sink counter-top, feed the air gap tubing
and the threaded nipple through the faucet mounting hole
and position the faucet spout over the sink.


From below the sink/countertop, install the white spacer
(open side toward the air gap tubing), flat washer and hex
nut onto the threaded nipple and tighten it by hand.


Back off on the hex nut just enough to slide the slotted
washer (open side toward the air gap tubes) between the
white spacer and the underside of the sink/countertop.


After rechecking the faucet orientation, tighten the hex nut
with a 9/16" wrench until the faucet feels secure.


From above the sink, make any minor orientation corrections
by turning the faucet on its flats with a padded adjustable
wrench. Use care so as not to mar the chrome finish.


Faucet with Air Gap

Faucet without Air Gap

Side View

Back View

Side View

Chrome base plate

Air Gap hole

1/4” Standard

green tubing

Special red “SFC”

tube from RO

Black 3/8” Reject

tubing to drain

Blue 3/8” Product

water tubing

Blue 3/8” Product

water tubing

Rubber washer

Plastic bottom washer

Threaded nipple

Flat washer

Star washer

Hex nut

Blue 3/8” Product

water tubing

Chrome base plate

Rubber washer

Threaded nipple

Flat washer


Hex nut

Slotted washer

Fig. 2